1 Financial Mistake Klay Thompson Regrets Making Early in His NBA Career

Since entering the league, Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson has become one of the top players in the league. Thompson has risen to one of the best two-way players, along with being one of the best shooters that the league has ever had. It hasn’t been an entirely smooth ride for Thompson in his career as he had to go through some growing pains. That went through the Warriors struggles early on establishing themselves while experiencing some much-needed adjustments off the court as well. During a recent interview, he revealed one financial mistake that he had learned a great deal from moving forward.

Klay Thompson’s rise to stardom

Following two highly productive seasons at Washington State, Thompson entered the NBA as one of the prized prospects of his 2011 class that earned him the 11th overall selection by the Warriors.

It didn’t take long for Thompson to rise to become one of the elite guards in the league while he and Stephen Curry are arguably the best backcourts in the NBA. The 29-year-old is a perennial All-Star who has been a guiding force offensively that helped the franchise reach five straight NBA Finals while winning three NBA titles.

Thompson‘s performance on the court has earned him several individual accolades along the way as he has earned five All-Star selections, two All-NBA Third Team nods, an All-Defensive Second Team selection. He also holds several NBA marks, such as most points in a quarter (37), most three-pointers made in a game (14), and most three-pointers made in a playoff game (11).

It has been a tremendous journey forward to success in his NBA career after a rough first couple of seasons. That time frame early in his career also saw him experience some growing off the court with his financial decisions.

One financial mistake Klay Thompson made

Adjusting to the NBA is more than just getting used to the level of competition and the physical grind that comes with playing an 82-game schedule.

There is also a necessary pivot that should be made off the court that many struggle to make early in their careers. Thompson was no different as he fell into one typical pothole with some financial decisions. (H/T Drew Shiller of NBC Sports Bay Area)

“I made some mistakes. Like hoarding — especially with the clothes,” the three-time NBA champion recently told Maverick Carter of Uninterrupted. “I would just have a full closet and I’d only wear about five percent of the closet. And I’m like, ‘What am I gonna do with all these extra clothes, man?’

“I had these hoarding tendencies that I had to rid. It took some time.”

That is a prevalent mistake that many athletes make, not just players entering the NBA. It’s a significant increase in income that could easily lead to splurging in material things. For Thompson, that was buying too many clothes, which he quickly realized was going overboard with the spending.

It was a learning lesson that he had made adjustments to his lifestyle to avoid running into that issue again.

Learning lesson for more than just Klay Thompson

Warriors guard Klay Thompson
Klay Thompson’s financial mistake early on his career could be one that other athletes can use as an example. | AAron Ontiveroz/The Denver Post via Getty Images

It was an adjustment that Thompson felt he needed to make, it helped him to grow as a person off the court, adjusting to his new lifestyle as an NBA player.

The fact that he went through that type of issue could provide other players or incoming talent into the professional ranks a prime example of what to avoid. It’s an easy and common pitfall that many professional athletes find themselves intertwined in.

Ultimately, it shows that Thompson was just like any other young professional athlete that has a large amount of money at their disposal.