1 Man Will Prevent Antonio Brown From Ever Playing Another Snap in the NFL

The last several months have been nothing short of a whirlwind for star wide receiver Antonio Brown‘s NFL career. Brown has found himself out of the league entirely with some serious questions about his long-term future on the field. He had recently gone through a workout with the New Orleans Saints, but that hasn’t come to fruition for a job opportunity with the franchise. However, it looks like Brown may have burned any future opportunities in New Orleans, which further proves there is one person that is keeping him from getting back into the NFL.

Antonio Brown burns another bridge in the NFL

Despite the lingering legal matters and a league investigation hanging over the head of Brown, the Saints had put the star wideout through a workout this past week.

New Orleans has voiced that they were impressed by Brown’s work on the field, but his pending legal problems and the ongoing investigation around him made it hard for the team to commit to him. That led to the organization signing wide receiver Tim White instead, which the 31-year-old wasted no time in taking to social media to say his workout was a “publicity stunt.”

“I know I got a really crusty tone lately, But really I’m at peace. I just don’t like the lack of respect in the world. You know, everyone has deadlines. I guess the NFL don’t have a deadline for me, so. I appreciate Sean Payton and them guys for supporting me and bringing me out to work out. But I think it was a publicity stunt for them. Sean Payton know[s] the feeling of being left behind, not being able to interact with his team. I don’t have a team. But it is what it is. We don’t seek comfort. We don’t make excuses. I’m [going to] just keep committing to be the difference. ‘Cause I know I’m the difference

There was some genuine interest from the Saints, but Brown’s NFL future was out of their hands. That is the one take away that the All-Pro wideout doesn’t seem to understand concerning the situation. More than that, it’s likely that he stomped on any chance of ever playing in New Orleans.

1 person keeping Antonio Brown from the NFL

The Saints’ decision to roll with Smith at this point is more than reasonable given that he is a talent that could help them right now. Beyond that, it’s clear that Brown doesn’t fully comprehend the gravity of his situation that is entirely out of any team’s hands.

That only makes it more evident that the only person keeping himself out of the league is himself. It’s not Roger Goodell, Robert Kraft, Jon Gruden, Bill Belichick, or Sean Payton. All of that falls him and his continued questionable decisions that leave many scratching their heads.

Brown’s involvement in a pair of off-the-field situations has landed him in some serious legal limbo. Meanwhile, his various rants on social media targeting teams, the league, and former teammates have made it harder for any organization to commit to him.

Antonio Brown’s NFL future ahead

It’s quite clear that Brown has the talent that belongs on an NFL roster that should see him be the top target in the passing game for just about any team. However, it has been the circus around him that has put a cloud over his NFL future.

What the workout with the Saints did show is that there are teams extremely interested in his services. It’s merely on him not to mess up any of these opportunities with his off-the-field behavior. It’s hard to envision any team that would give him a long-term secure chance.

If he clears the legal hurdles and is still out of the league, there’s nobody to blame but himself.