1 Mistake the Patriots Made With Tom Brady’s Contract

Throughout much of the last several months, there remains much uncertainty around Tom Brady‘s NFL future. The only thing that is clear at this point is that he will play for another season. Beyond that, Brady‘s entire situation is quite unclear, with him being poised to test the free-agent market for the first time his illustrious career. That has sprouted discussions around what he will decide to do in the offseason, with the possibility of leaving the New England Patriots very much on the table. With that in mind, there is chatter surrounding the chance of him staying with New England.

Tom Brady’s Uncertain Patriots’ future

For the first time in his illustrious career, there is a significant amount of dialogue around Brady potentially choosing to play elsewhere.

That began to gain traction after it was revealed that his current contract with the Patriots includes the option of him exploring the free-agent market. It also has the guidelines of the Patriots being unable to place the franchise tag on Brady.

The 42-year-old also aired after the divisional playoff loss to the Tennessee Titans that he is unsure of what lies ahead of him with the Patriots. At the same time, he voiced that he will exercise the options that will lie in front of him over the offseason.

As difficult as it may seem to envision Brady being in another uniform, it has created the sense that he could realistically play for a franchise aside from the Patriots.

How the Patriots made a mistake with Tom Brady’s contract

Although there has been some lingering chatter about Brady possibly considering playing elsewhere, the Patriots will play a massive part in how that unfolds. He has spent his entire career with the franchise where he has experienced a tremendous amount of success.

There have already been reports that the team may be willing to pay him $30 million annually while team owner Robert Kraft is already on record for saying that he wants Brady back. At the same time, this entire situation could have been avoided with the 42-year-old had the Patriots offered him a similar two-year, $50 million deal that Drew Brees received from the New Orleans Saints, according to Tom Curran of NBC Sports Boston

Really, this was so avoidable. It was indicated to me last August that if the Patriots offered Brady a two-year, $50M deal similar to the one Drew Brees got from the Saints in March of 2018, that would have worked.

Curran also went on to state that the fact the Patriots are taking the “year-by-year” approach instead of signing him to a multi-year contract contributed to this situation. These two factors have played their part in why things stand where they are now. It’s also hard to imagine that New England won’t be in it until the very end as Brady makes this next career decision.

What will Tom Brady do?

The free-agency process all completely new territory for Brady that has already pushed him to at least clarify that he will explore his options. It’s an experience that he will likely never get again in his career, especially since he can test the market without having to worry about the franchise tag.

There will be several teams such as the Los Angeles Charger, Las Vegas Raiders, and possibly the Indianapolis Colts, all interested in his services. Each of these teams is expected to make a strong push to land him, which could up the ante for the Patriots to keep him.

A big bargaining chip for any of these land spots will lie with their ability to compete for a Super Bowl. Brady wants to make the most of these final years of his career, which he voiced during a recent Instagram post that he didn’t want to be wearing a blazer for Super Bowl 55.

It’s a situation that could see much change, but it’s quite evident that leaving the Patriots is a scenario that’s on the table for Brady.