1 Reason Daniel Cormier Will Return to the UFC to Fight Stipe Miocic

In the aftermath of his loss to Stipe Miocic at UFC 241, Daniel Cormier was asked if he would ever return to the octagon or if that loss was his final fight. Cormier stated that he didn’t want to make the decision while caught up in the emotions of the fight, and that he would instead take some time to contemplate his options with his family and coaches.

On September 23, a little over a month after losing his UFC Heavyweight Championship, Daniel Cormier announced that he did want to return to the UFC, but that he would only do so on the condition that he got to fight Stipe Miocic again. Cormier spoke with Ariel Helwani on the reasoning behind his comeback.

Daniel Cormier wants to go out fighting “his fight”

On the Helwani Show, Daniel Cormier explained that it was a conversation with his wife that was drawing him back into the octagon.

“It was [Cormier’s wife] Salina, you know, she goes, ‘Daniel, you don’t end like that. This is not how you end. You lose again, you know, it’s just meant to be. But for you to be fighting as you did, even with the worst fight IQ in the history of your career, you managed to go out ahead, going into that round that you lost. So you go fight your fight. And if you lose, even when you fight your fight, then we’re fine. But you don’t end like that. Because I don’t want you to do this now, and then four years down the line you start going I should have did it again and tried to do it right.’”

“I’m gonna fight this guy again,” Cormier continued. “My intention is to fight him in the right way, and hopefully that’s enough to get my hand raised.” When asked if his next fight would for sure be against Miocic, Cormier quickly responded, “it has to be Stipe. No one else matters.”

A rubber match between Cormier and Miocic would be satisfying

Daniel Cormier will try to do more wrestling against Stipe Miocic
Daniel Cormier will try to do more wrestling against Stipe Miocic | Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

Instead of using his superior wrestling skills at UFC 241, Daniel Cormier spent the fight trying to trade blows with Stipe Miocic, an unwise strategy given Miocic’s power and range advantage. Cormier appeared to be winning the fight on the scorecards heading into the fourth round of his title fight against Miocic, but the challenger earned a TKO in that round to earn the victory.

Stipe Miocic had won six straight fights and had three consecutive heavyweight title defenses before Cormier knocked him out in the first round at UFC 226 back in 2018. Miocic felt that he didn’t properly represent himself in the loss and was thrilled to get his redemption at UFC 241.

Now it will be Daniel Cormier looking for redemption when these two meet again. Both men have been surprised by a knockout in this head-to-head series; a third fight between these two excellent heavyweights will settle the score once and for all.

Win or lose, this will be Daniel Cormier’s last fight

“Win or lose, I’m not fighting again,” Cormier told Helwani. “This will be the only time that I ever step foot in the octagon again.”

Cormier and his wife seem less upset about the fact that he lost, and more upset about the fact that he didn’t listen to his coaches and fight to his strengths. Regardless of who wins this rubber match, Daniel Cormier can leave with his head held high if he goes out fighting the fight he’s capable of.

The fight will likely take place at some point in 2020. Miocic is out for the rest of 2019 with an eye injury that he suffered in his win over Cormier.