1 Reason Tony Romo is ‘A Joy to Work With,’ According to NFL Broadcaster Jim Nantz’

Since stepping away from the NFL, Tony Romo has quickly risen the ranks as one of the top announcers the league offers weekly. Romo has transitioned into the broadcast booth with seemingly ease that has already drawn much respect and admiration for the work he has put forth quite early on in his postcareer in the media. His broadcast partner Jim Nantz has continued to voice much pleasure working with Romo that is all tied to one thing.

Tony Romo’s transition to the booth

Following the 2016 season, Romo decided to retire from the NFL after 14 seasons to much surprise around the league.

Romo had wrapped another injury-laden campaign, but there wasn’t any indication that he was considering stepping away. Shortly after that choice, it came to light that he had the opportunity in front of him to step in the booth for CBS alongside Nantz to call NFL games.

In the time that has passed over the last couple of years, Romo has continued to showcase his innate ability to break down plays and provide analysis that has earned many positive reviews and praise from the public and peers alike.

That high regard held is also a point of view held by Nantz, who has voiced nothing but strong commendation towards him.

Jim Nantz’s high praise for Tony Romo

In his short time in the booth, Romo has quickly found success that has led to him earning great recognition from his new peers.

Among those has been Nantz, who has been most vocal with his acclaim towards the former Cowboys quarterback. That was the case shortly after Super Bowl 53 during an interview on The Rich Eisen Show, as he stated that he admired Romo’s ability to translate his personality and enthusiasm for the game into the booth.

“He’s able to take his personality, boy-enthusiasm, and be able to feel comfortable to expose to that to the world to show he really is. Instead of playing the role of an announcer, he is just being himself…It’s just the start of a great career that one day will one day have him better known as the top football analyst of his time than being a quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.”

Nantz also went as far to compare him to Hall of famer John Madden’s ability in the booth. It could be argued that Madden’s career as a broadcaster is held in higher esteem than what he accomplished as an NFL head coach for the Oakland Raiders.

Tony Romo’s bright future ahead in the booth

The immediate success that Romo has found in the booth has made it quite clear that he has found his calling after his NFL career.

His ability to call games where he has frequently predicted what happens on the next play has only continued to elevate him in the public eye. That, combined with his bubbling personality, has garnered high praise from legendary broadcast voices like Nantz that see him putting forth a long career.

The 39-year-old is still quite young for a broadcast that could see him stick around for as long as he wants as he continues to gather more experience. He has already had the opportunity to call a Super Bowl in just his second year, which is a task that few have handled on a national stage.

All that has placed a bright future ahead of Romo to continue to add and cement his status as one of the best to grace the broadcast booth while being an inspiration to many former players looking to take a similar step into the sports media world.