1 Team Philip Rivers Is Destined To Join in Free Agency

During the last several weeks of the 2019 regular season, there was much lingering chatter that quarterback Philip Rivers was entering the final stretch of his career with the Los Angeles Chargers. Things have stayed on that course, the closer it has moved to towards free agency. That has led to one team becoming the potential landing spot if Rivers were to play for another team for the first time in his career.

Philip Rivers entering uncertain offseason

Through his first 16 years with the Chargers, Rivers spent nearly his entire tenure as their fixture being the starting quarterback. However, things have shifted a bit as he had notable struggles in the 2019 campaign as he had 20 interceptions along with 23 touchdowns, which is the fewest total since the 2007 season.

That included Rivers throwing multiple interceptions six times, and at least one on 10 occasions. His struggles became more notable with the Chargers falling short in close games, holding a 2-9 record in contests decided by seven or fewer points.

The outside noise has grown louder, with Rivers heading towards free agency for the first time in his career. He has expressed interest in staying with the team, but there is a growing sentiment that the organization may look to move in another direction either through the 2020 NFL Draft or in free agency.

Things have taken another intriguing turn ahead of free agency as Rivers has decided to make a potentially telling personal move.

Philip Rivers could be eyeing joining 1 team

The uncertainty around Rivers’ future with the Chargers has left the door open to him playing elsewhere in the next chapter of his career.

The 38-year-old has made an intriguing personal decision this month as Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter of ESPN are reporting that he has decided to “permanently” move his family closer to home in Florida.

“What this means football-wise is to be determined but it was time for us to move back closer to home,” Rivers said in the text message.

That has put on the table chatter that he could be eyeing playing near that area as Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports is reporting that he could choose to play with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The possibility is there with the Buccaneers not 100% sold on Jameis Winston being their long-term answer under center.

Granted, it would be a move towards bringing in an older quarterback, but it’s one that head coach Bruce Arians may be more comfortable running his offense. Much could change over the next several weeks until the start of free agency, but the scenario is there.

Is Philip Rivers truly done with the Chargers?

The writing looks to be on the wall for Rivers, as the only thing certain at this point around his future is that he wants to continue playing for at least a 17th year.

There are other factors at play that could mark the end of his time in Los Angeles as the team may be on the radar for Tom Brady in free agency. For the first time in Brady’s career, he’s set to hit the free-agent market where he’s expected to explore all of the options that will be in front of him.

The Chargers could be one of the most appealing scenarios for Brady if he’s serious about possibly playing elsewhere aside from New England. Los Angeles has constructed a talented roster that could compete for a Super Bowl if the right quarterback is under center. Meanwhile, there could be an internal push from the franchise to make a splash move ahead of their first season in a new stadium.

Nothing is set in stone by any means, but it could be an offseason of significant change for the Chargers starting at the quarterback position.