1 Team That’s the Perfect Landing Spot for Colin Kaepernick, According to Stephen A. Smith

Over the last few days, things have ramped up on the front for Colin Kaepernick’s future in the NFL with a scheduled workout for this upcoming weekend. It has put on the table some possible landing spots for the veteran quarterback to get back into the league after a three-year absence in what has been a steep path towards a comeback. With that said, there is one team that Stephen A. Smith believes fits ideally for Kaepernick to make his return to the NFL. 

NFL sets up workout for Colin Kaepernick

Over the last couple of years, Kaepernick has stayed on the path of trying to get back into the NFL, which hasn’t landed him any closer towards that effort leading to a job.

The league has suddenly intervened by setting up a combine-style workout for Kaepernick on Saturday that multiple teams are said to be lined up to attend. It’s believed that rapper Jay-Z had a hand in helping orchestrate putting this opportunity together for the veteran quarterback. That will mark the first time that the NFL has gone this route for any player over its history.

There has been some apprehension towards the intentions of this being operated in good faith, but it’s nonetheless a situation where he will have all eyes on him. All it will take is one team to take a chance on him to bring him in to see what he can offer at this point in his career after being out of the league for quite some time.

Stephen A. Smith’s ideal fit for Colin Kaepernick

Although there is no gauge on what team will be interested in acquiring Kaepernick, there are a few teams that need to address their quarterback position.

With that in mind, Stephen A. Smith voiced on Wednesday during ESPN’s First Take, has circled the Chicago Bears as the best fit for the 32-year-old to make his NFL comeback.

“I think the Chicago Bears desperately need another quarterback. They are in desperate need for another quarterback. They can try to hide it all they want. They have lost belief in Mitchell Trubisky. Nobody in Chi-Town believes in Mitchell Trubisky anymore…When I think about that defense in Chicago and what Colin Kaepernick can bring to the table with his athleticism and is cable of performing well in big moments. I wouldn’t rule that out.”

The Bears do possess plenty of questions at the quarterback position as Mitchell Trubisky hasn’t taken any significant steps forward in his development in his first two-plus seasons in the league. Instead, he has regressed in the 2019 campaign showing the inability to lead the offense with his arm.

Although Kaepernick hasn’t necessarily done that in his career, but he has proven he can guide a team with a strong defense to contend for a Super Bowl.

Will the Bears take a chance on Colin Kaepernick?

At this point, there isn’t any clarity on which teams will attend the workout if it were to happen this upcoming weekend in Atlanta.

Regardless of their interest level at this point, the Bears do have serious questions concerning Trubisky’s future with the franchise. He hasn’t made any progress towards becoming the franchise quarterback that they hoped when they moved up to the second overall pick in the 2017 draft.

Chicago will, at some point, address their quarterback situation next offseason with a significant move that will impact Trubisky’s future. Kaepernick could be a possibility, but the team may be more comfortable going after Cam Newton, who is reportedly already open to the idea of playing for the Bears.

There is much that could unfold over the next several days on Kaepernick’s front, which may wind up seeing Chicago factor into the equation as a potential landing spot.