1 Thing Antonio Brown Hopes Will Happen After His Meeting With the NFL

The last several months have been nothing short than tumultous for star wide receiver Antonio Brown‘s NFL career as he finds himself on the outside looking in. His off-the-field issues have put him in a tough spot with his future in the league up in the air. However, the NFL is set to meet with Brown next week to get more clarity to the situations around him. Through all of that, there is one thing that he hopes to garner from the upcoming meeting.

Rollercoaster ride for Antonio Brown

It has been nothing short of eventful last several months for Brown as he has been let go by the Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots that have put him without a job in the NFL.

A large part of that has been due to his off-the-field behavior that has stemmed from a pair of allegations of sexual misconduct from multiple women. That alone has strayed teams away from him despite his elite talent on the field.

Through that process, Brown has filed grievances and appeals against the Raiders and Patriots, but there has been nothing to come about with those situations truly. It has also clouded his future in the NFL, but there could be some clarity reached with the two sides set to meet next week.

Antonio Brown is set to meet with the NFL next week

Since the Patriots decided to let go of Brown, the league has conducted a thorough investigation of the 31-year-old’s off-the-field situations.

In the first several weeks, the NFL hasn’t spoken to the star wideout while they continue to work through the bulk of the investigation. However, the two sides are finally expected to talk with each other next week, according to ESPN.

Antonio Brown is scheduled to meet with the NFL next week concerning accusations of sexually assaulting multiple women, sources told ESPN’s Josina Anderson on Thursday.

Brown is eager to present his side, and there are teams interested in signing him pending resolution of the league’s wide-ranging investigation, sources told ESPN.

Brown is currently being investigated under the league’s personal conduct policy due to the serious matters around him. These situations could land him with lengthy suspensions from the NFL, which makes the dialogue between both sides that much more crucial.

There is definite interest on Brown’s side to get this matter sorted out so that he can get back to playing for an NFL team, but that process won’t have any sense of direction until the investigation is completed.

Antonio Brown must be patient

Brown is in the midst of an ongoing process around him as the allegations around him gets sorted out.

He has reportedly been served lawsuit papers from his former trainer Britney Taylor while he has hired an attorney to properly handle the case. The NFL has come out to state that Brown won’t be placed on the Commissioner’s list, but did clarify that could be a possibility of a team were to sign him at this moment.

Ultimately, it’s a situation that is largely out of his hands as the legal matters around him need to be settled if there is any hope of him returning to the league. If he’s able to get through all of this without facing any possible legal punishment, there will be several teams that will take a chance on bringing him in.

That was already made evident with the Seattle Seahawks checking in on him before making the waiver wire claim on Josh Gordon last week. Only time will tell if things will pan out in his favor so that he can continue his NFL career.