1 Thing Stops LeBron James’ Protein Powder From Earning Great Reviews

LeBron James is trying his hand at all sorts of business ventures as he follows in the footsteps of NBA legend Michael Jordan. One of the more unusual endeavors James has recently founded is a protein powder called Ladder.

A huge craze in fitness circles for years, protein powder is an integral part of many pro athletes’ training regimes, which inspired James and his personal trainer to move forward with the project.

LeBron James’ workouts needed protein powder

Protein powder, which is mixed into shakes and drinks, can help with many fitness goals. They come in many flavors and types, from dairy-based to plant-based. Using protein powder is not just a fad; according to Medical News Today, it has a lot of health benefits.

Protein shakes are high in nutritional value, and many help people consume helpful vitamins and minerals. Using this product in conjunction with an effective workout routine and a healthier diet can help people lose weight and build muscle.

NBA star LeBron James turned to protein powder after he suffered from severe muscle cramps during the 2014 championship. He and his personal trainer, Mike Mancias, worked to create a clean, effective product that could prevent James’ body from failing again. Naturally, James saw a business opportunity.

James’ protein powder is put to the test

James’ protein powder, Ladder, comes in individual packets for convenience, which differentiates itself from other protein drinks that come in bottles or bins. Ladder offers both plant and whey proteins. The powders come in flavors like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry lemonade, and superfood greens.

Insider tested Ladder against other proteins on the market. They described the product as thicker than the other popular ones they tried, which included:

  • Humming Hemp’s hemp protein powder
  • Pure Protein’s plant protein blend
  • Trader Joe’s Designer Whey protein
  • BSN Syntha-6

Insider mixed each powder with water using a blender bottle. Testers made sure to drink each one before and after a workout, as many athletes do the same. They found that Ladder’s protein was a little bit grainy, while the others were smoother when blended.

As far as flavor, however, the taste-testers loved Ladder, calling it the best-tasting protein of the bunch and giving it a 5/5 rating on their rating scale. Insider pointed out that it may not be for everyone, as the pea and pumpkin proteins used to make Ladder protein powder create an earthy flavor. This could be a problem for those who want something that tastes sweet.

How does Ladder protein powder rank overall? 

Of the five tested powders, James’ Ladder tied with Trader Joe’s Designer Whey protein for second best. While the taste-testers did like Ladder’s flavor, its texture prevented it from earning first place. BSN Syntha-6 ranked No. 1.

Ladder did beat competitors Pure Protein and Humming Hemp, so perhaps James is on something. This protein powder company is just another rung on the ladder of LeBron James’s business success. While the superstar forward has always been a brand that stretched far bigger than basketball, his stardom has been expanding at a rapid rate over the last few years.