1 Unbelievable Snub on Kevin Durant’s Top 5 NBA Players

Although Brooklyn Nets star forward Kevin Durant is expected to miss his first full season with the franchise, he’s largely considered one of the best players in the league. That gives Durant a unique perspective of the rest of the NBA with who he believes belongs among the top players he enjoys to watch. But there was a notable name left off that list that has quickly caught the public’s attention.

Kevin Durant’s illustrious career

Through his first 13 years in the league, Durant has established himself as one of the top talents.

He has accomplished all the major individual feats in his career that include being a two-time NBA champion along with a pair of NBA Finals MVPs to go along with his regular-season MVP, 10 All-Star selections and four scoring titles. Durant has garnered a tremendous level of respect from his peers behind his ability on the floor as a dominant scorer and factor on both ends of the floor, along with his tremendous IQ for the game.

It has provided him with a unique feel for the league and the other premier talents around him. That combined with his decision to depart the Golden State Warriors this past offseason, has made his latest comments about his favorite players to watch that much more intriguing.

Kevin Durant snubs Stephen Curry

Durant has been in the league for over a decade, which has provided him with a strong sense of the talent around the NBA.

He has also had much pleasure watching other players perform at a high level on the court. During an interview on ESPN’s First Take on Thursday morning, Durant voiced that the five players he enjoys watching the most are LeBron James, James Harden, Joel Embiid, Damian Lillard and Kyrie Irving.

It is quite a difficult list to narrow down in many regards, given the plethora of talent that the NBA currently possesses. There is no question that each of the players that he mentioned have become fan favorites behind their tantalizing play on the court.

However, the decision to leave his former Golden State Warriors teammate Stephen Curry has caught some attention. Durant had the unique experience of playing next to Curry, with both players being at the top of their playing ability.

There will be those viewing this as him slighting the two-time league MVP, but that’s certainly not the case as Durant may simply like to watch other players in the league. Keep in mind that Russell Westbrook also isn’t on his shortlist, nor is Klay Thompson. At that point, it’s reading far too deep into this simple list.

Kevin Durant focused on his recovery

It’s always entertaining when a current star player lists their favorite peers to watch, but beyond that, the talk around Durant has centered on his recovery from his torn Achilles tendon.

The current expectation is that he will miss the entire 2019-20 season to give him enough time to heal from the injury fully. There is no rush from the Nets to get him back on the court sooner than he should, given the type of injury he’s dealing with that could be career altering.

If Durant can return to being anywhere near the player he was before the ailment; the Nets could have an extremely bright future ahead of them. Irving has quickly engrained himself with the team in his short time with the franchise while adding the two-time NBA Finals MVP to the mix should put Brooklyn in play to come out of the Eastern Conference.

Only time will tell what type of player Durant will be once he is cleared to make his return.