10 Things That LeBron James Should Let Fan Votes Decide

Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

LeBron James made headlines this week (OK, let’s face it, when doesn’t LeBron James make headlines?) by telling reporters that he hadn’t yet decided whether or not to reinstitute his pregame chalk toss ritual in Cleveland this year. James has largely forgone the practice through the past three seasons, but, of course, made it famous during his first stint with the Cavs — to the tune of a giant banner on the side of a downtown Cleveland building.

According to LeBron, he is going to let fans decide on social media whether or not the iconic chalk toss returns. Crowdsourcing is becoming a trend for James in recent months, as he also allowed fans to help him decide whether he would wear No. 23 and No. 6 in his latest Cleveland era. That got us thinking: What other decisions would James be better off leaving in the fans’ hands? After all, the more topics he opens up to fan vote, the more accessible and lovable the superstar becomes, right? With that said, here is a (tongue-in-cheek) list of 10 choices LeBron could leave up to his fans this year.

Buda Mendes/Getty Images
Buda Mendes/Getty Images

1. Type of dunk on first breakaway of the season

You know the moment. King James gets the ball out ahead of the pack, the crowd rises in breathless anticipation, and … what happens next? Windmill? Reverse? 360? Let the fans decide.

2. Headband or no headband

This doesn’t seem like an important decision in the scheme of things, but a quick Internet search of ‘LeBron headband’ returns 638,000 hits, including such first-page titles as ‘LeBron James loses his headband and gains superpowers,’ ‘No-headband LeBron is the best LeBron,’ and ‘LeBron James’ headband falls off: Twitter reacts.’ So, somebody cares.

3. How many points to score in home opener

The best players in the NBA can basically name their scoring total: If they want to get 30 or 40 on a given night, they can. LeBron certainly qualifies, and while a vote like this could play out 82 times in the regular season, the home opener seems like the most important night to let the fans have a voice. After all, only a LeBron output for the ages can help fans forced to pay more than $500 to attend get their money’s worth, right?

4. Number of flops for the season

It’s simple, really. The fans get to decide how many times LeBron can flop in the entire regular season, then it’s up to James to ration those Oscar-worthy displays for the most important moments of the season. There’s just one catch: Pacers fans are the only group of people allowed to vote.

5. Whether or not to enter the Slam Dunk Contest

This needs no explanation. And we expect that the vote would be unanimous. The NBA’s dunk contest needs LeBron James. And if fans can decide everything else, well…

Jamie Sabau/Getty Images
Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

6. Shoot or pass with the game on the line

LeBron has taken more than his share of criticism, arguably much of it unfair, for choosing to pass instead of shoot multiple times with the game’s outcome in the balance. When postseason rolls around, the spotlight on his every crunch-time decision intensifies and multiplies. So why not take all the second-guessing out? Just let the fans vote before the jump ball whether LeBron should take the final shot or pass to one of his All-Pro teammates if the situation arises that evening.

7. Whether or not the phrase ‘Taking my talents’ should be outlawed

This one is a no-brainer. If we never hear ‘taking my talents’ again, it will be too soon. Let’s use our American democratic rights to rid it from the pop-culture vocabulary forever. Please. Next?

8. Which teammate he should set a screen on next

Oh wait, LeBron says he wasn’t really setting a screen on current teammate Matthew Dellavedova to free up ex-teammate Norris Cole. Of course he wasn’t. But, we still think it’d be fun to use this method of sprucing up a boring weeknight game against the overmatched 76ers or the outmanned Bucks. Just let the fans vote if James should screen Kyrie Irving, get in the way of Kevin Love, or run a pick and roll against Anderson Varejao and watch the hilarity ensue.

9. Number of technical fouls

Same deal here as with the flops: The fans decide the season total of technical fouls that King James is allotted, and LeBron gets to use them at his discretion. The best part? If the number is 16 or higher, the voting public could also get to decide which game LeBron is suspended for as a result. (But on the down side, they have to chip in to help pay the fine. It’s only fair, right?)

10. Parade route

OK, it might be just a bit too early for this one. But we’ll check back in June.