This Impressive Scoring Streak by Michael Jordan Shows Why He’s an All-Time Great

When you hear the greatest of all time, Michael Jordan is a name that comes up for most people. Jordan’s career in the NBA will go down in history. The success he’s had gives him all the reasons to call himself one of the best to play the game.

As a member of the Chicago Bulls, Jordan left a legacy in Chicago that people will never forget. He had a scoring streak during his time with the Bulls that was impressive.

Michael Jordan’s career in Chicago

Jordan won six NBA championships with the Bulls during his time there. He played 13 seasons in the Windy City and immediately became a fan favorite when he came into the league. As a rookie, Jordan averaged 28.2 points per game and was the Rookie of the Year and was named to the all-star team.

He would continue to achieve a lot of success playing with the Bulls, both individually and as a team. Jordan averaged 30 or more points for seven straight seasons. His average of 37.1 points per game during the 1986-87 season was the most of his career.

Jordan was an exceptional talent, and he played on a level that most players could not match. The 6-foot-6 guard could score without any issues. Whether he pulled up from mid-range or drove to the lane, Jordan found a way to score. His basketball IQ is what helped him separate from other players in the league.

The five-time MVP was not only successful on the offensive side; he was a good defensive player. He had the all-around package for an NBA player. In 1988 he won the Defensive Player of the Year Award, and he became the first player to win that award and the MVP award in the same season. Jordan was also named to the NBA All-Defensive First Team nine times.

Jordan’s scoring streak with the Bulls

There was only one time during his career with the Bulls that Jordan scored less than 10 points. After that, he scored at least 10 or more points in 866 consecutive games which is the longest streak currently in NBA history. That streak lasted from 1986 to 2001.

Jordan’s double-digit streak could have been longer if it wasn’t for the game against the Cleveland Cavaliers on March 22, 1986. He was just coming off a foot injury and did not even start that game. In 16 minutes off the bench, Jordan finished shooting 4-for-13 from the field, finishing with eight points.

That game was not Jordan’s best performance, but he would go on to have many great performances throughout his career. If you asked other players across the league when was the last time Jordan scored less than 10 points, they would find difficulties finding that answer. If you asked Jordan, he would remember like it happened yesterday.

Michael Jordan’s NBA legacy

It’s hard not to mention Jordan as one of the greatest ever to play the game. Numbers don’t lie, and looking at his stats, he dominated the league for a long time. He was a global figure, and even people who did not follow sports knew who Michael Jordan was.

Players respected him and the players in the NBA now, look up to him as someone who helped them become successful in the league. For years to come, Jordan will always be considered one of the best athletes of all-time.