2 Days With Tom Brady Left Charles Barkley ‘Inspired’: ‘He Was in the Parking Lot Running Wind Sprints’

Tom Brady can inspire anyone. The seven-time Super Bowl champion has proven anything’s possible, as someone can still become the GOAT despite being a sixth-round pick. However, Brady’s inspiration isn’t just limited to football. In fact, he actually inspired a Hall of Fame athlete from another sport.

During TB12’s latest golf match, Charles Barkley shared the story of the time Brady inspired him.

Charles Barkley has been an announcer for 2 of Tom Brady’s golf matches

NBA legend Charles Barkley and NFL quarterback Tom Brady on the golf course.
Charles Barkley (from left) and Tom Brady during Capital One’s The Match on July 6, 2021. | Stacy Revere/Getty Images for The Match

In May 2020, Brady competed in The Match 2 with Phil Mickelson, as they took on Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods.

Barkley was not playing that day, but he certainly traded shots with Brady throughout the event. Brady and Mickelson, though, ultimately fell to Manning and Woods, as their legendary opponents won it on the 18th hole.

The Mickelson-Brady duo then had a chance to get redemption on July 6, 2021, as they took on Aaron Rodgers and Bryson DeChambeau in The Match 4, with Barkley announcing that contest as well. But they, again, fell, as Rodgers made a putt on the 16th hole to give him and DeChambeau the win.

“I feel like I’m the unfortunate variable to winning and losing with Phil,” Brady said, per CBS Sports, as Mickelson is now 2-2 in the event, and has had both of his losses come with Brady as his partner.

Although Brady hasn’t had the best of performances on the golf course, he still inspired Barkley. The former NBA MVP had a great story from the first time Brady competed in The Match in 2020.

Tom Brady inspired Charles Barkley to improve his golf game

During The Match 4, Barkley discussed how Brady inspired him during The Match 2.

The story is pretty epic.

“The last Match that I televised with you guys, Saturday, he hit balls for like 10 hours straight,” Barkley said, per Bleacher Report. “He got up Sunday morning and played 18 holes before The Match, and when I got to the course, he was in the parking lot running wind sprints. I said, ‘Man, Tom Brady inspired me to want to work harder on my golf game.’”

If that doesn’t prove Brady’s incredible work ethic, nothing will. He was not only getting ready for his revenge tour in his first season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by doing wind sprints, but he was also making sure that he was ready to go for The Match 2 against his former rival, Manning.

His hard work paid off, too. He may not have won The Match, but he and the Bucs won the Super Bowl, the seventh of his career. 

The inspiration he sent Barkley’s way also seemingly fueled the NBA legend to a win in The Match 3.

Sir Charles later won The Match 3 with Phil Mickelson

Of course we don’t know this for sure, but it appears Barkley, in fact, worked on his golf game after spending time with Brady.

Despite getting made fun of for his golf swing for years, Barkley ended up being Mickelson’s teammate in The Match 3. While they were the underdogs against Manning and Stephen Curry, Barkley and Mickelson came out with the win, beating them by four strokes.

Sir Charles surprised a lot of people, and now we know that Brady may have had something to do with his improved play.

However, ahead of the latest version of The Match, Barkley felt he should have been the one defending his crown with Mickelson — not Brady.

“I cannot believe that he want to play with this mother instead of me,” Barkley said on the July 2 episode of The Dan Patrick Show “…Me and Phil were the defending champs, but I can’t believe he gonna stick with this mother — I can’t say what Tom said (on The Shop) — but I can’t believe he want to stick with this mother instead of me.”

He had a point. Given Mickelson’s losing track record with Brady, maybe Barkley will get his shot in The Match 5.

Despite Barkley having a better record in The Match than Brady, though, it appears he at least has TB12 to thank for his improved golf game.

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