3 Antonio Brown Tweets That Should Keep Him Out of the NFL

Antonio Brown was released by the New England Patriots on Friday. He handled the news with class and maturity, tweeting out a thank you to the organization for the opportunity. That class and maturity lasted less than two days.

On Sunday morning, Brown lashed out in a series of offensive tweets that have since been deleted. But unfortunately for Antonio Brown, simply deleting a tweet doesn’t also delete it from everyone’s memory. Here are three of the most damning tweets from his Sunday morning tirade.

1. Comparing other sexual assault allegations to his own


Across three different tweets (that he has since deleted), Antonio Brown attempted to point out how unfair it was that he had been released based on allegations when others received less severe punishments for their crimes:

  • “Kraft got caught in the parlor AB speculations fired different strokes for different folks clearly” – Brown tweeted with a photo of him and high-fiving Britney Taylor, the former trainer who has accused Brown of rape and sexual assault.
  • “Shannon Sharpe the funny guy on TV still after this” – he tweeted with a screenshot of the news headline “Shannon Sharpe Accused of Sexual Assault.”
  • “4 games for Big Ben crazy world I’m done with it” – Brown tweeted with a screenshot of the news headline “Steelers QB Investigated in Sexual Assault.”

Per usual, Antonio Brown refuses to take any responsibility for his own actions in the matter. Had he kept quiet and let the investigation play out instead of sending out intimidating text messages against his accuser, he might not have been cut. And even if he was released and felt that it was unfair, this isn’t in any way shape or form the way to go about handling it.

For the record, Shannon Sharpe was exonerated of his charges when it was found that the woman who had made the accusations against him was actually a stalker that had made the accusations up.

2. Supporting the harassment of a reporter

Antonio Brown retweeted a story from the Daily Beast that covered how some Patriots fans were threatening Robert Klemko with death threats. He retweeted it with the caption “system working effectively.”

This is nothing short of appalling. Brown is actually endorsing the mob mentality and death threats towards a reporter. Even if Brown feels that the allegations being made against him are inaccurate, again, there are so many better ways of making that case.

3. Calling for accountability while taking none for his own actions

In one of the only tweets that Antonio Brown didn’t delete from his Sunday morning outburst, the 31-year-old stated that he had no intention of returning to the NFL:

“Will not be playing in the @NFL anymore these owners can cancel deals do whatever they want at anytime we will see if the @NFLPA hold them accountable, sad they can just void guarantees anytime going on 40m 2 months will see if they pay up!”

It’s remarkable that Antonio Brown still refuses to accept any responsibility for his role in being released by the Oakland Raiders. Brown didn’t report to practice when he was supposed to. He didn’t accept his fines. He threatened his former general manager with violence. These are punishable offenses, and he was punished.

Ironic that Brown is calling owners out for doing whatever they want when that is exactly what he expects to get away with at all times.

A team would have to be crazy to go anywhere near Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown on the sidelines in what might have been his last NFL game
Antonio Brown on the sidelines in what might have been his last NFL game | Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Despite all of this, there might still be teams out there that are desperate enough to sign Antonio Brown. At this point, they’d be crazy to do so.

There is no denying Brown’s exceptional talent. But there is also no denying anymore that Brown is incapable of following rules and accepting responsibility for his actions. There is also overwhelming evidence of serious anger issues, including his fight with Mike Mayock, his supporting death threats towards a reporter, and his attacking text messages towards his accuser.

The NFL will eventually come to a decision on whether or not Antonio Brown will face disciplinary action for the accusations that have come against him. Regardless of how this decision turns out, the league would be wise to reject the allure of Brown’s talent and accept the fact that this man does not belong on an NFL roster.