3 Best Moments From Aaron Rodgers Lookalike’s Green Bay Visit

British comedian Tom Wrigglesworth has a face that football fans feel like they’ve seen somewhere before. It’s the face of star Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, or as close to a duplicate as one could possibly imagine. Rodgers’s slightly less famous doppelgänger took advantage of the resemblance to have some fun on a recent trip across the pond to Green Bay, Wisconsin, and NFL Films was on hand to document the hilarity.

Check out the video above for the full feature, then click through to find out three of our favorite moments from the lookalike’s trip to the home of the real Aaron Rodgers.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Packers players were fooled

The best part of this “The Amazing Mr. Wrigglesworth” video clip is when Wrigglesworth greets Packers players — riding children’s bikes, no less! — on their way to practice. Several in a row yell out some variation of “Hey, A-Rod!” and keep right on riding, blissfully unaware they’re greeting an impostor and not their quarterback teammate. The funniest encounter, though, belongs to linebacker Sam Barrington, who points with a bewildered look on his face as he pedals up to “Rodgers” and then does a (discount?) double-take looking over his shoulder while continuing on his merry way, still trying to figure out exactly what had just happened.

Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images

Kids were confused

Quite a few people in local diners reacted to Wrigglesworth’s presence as if he were the Packers star, taking cell phone videos, asking for autographs, and even — in one older woman’s case — snatching a hug and kiss. It’s possible, however, that no one was as confused by the Rodgers impersonator’s visit as the children he encountered. “Hi, my name’s Tom!” “I thought your name was Aaron Rodgers.”

The kids rebounded nicely, though, as two young boys taught Wrigglesworth Rodgers’s patented “discount double-check” celebration. (Speaking of which, if I were Wrigglesworth, I’d be calling up State Farm today and volunteering to replace the Green Bay quarterback in commercials for 75% of the salary. That seems like easy work for nice money, and it’s clear the comedian has, if not a face for television, a face for Rodgers. Win-win for both sides, right?)

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Aaron Rodgers was amused

Of course, one of the highlights of the video is when the fake Rodgers and the real Rodgers finally met in person. Rodgers was more than glad to claim Wrigglesworth as a cousin from “somewhere down the line” until he saw the comedian’s unfortunate attempt to throw a spiral. As Rodgers said following a Wrigglesworth spike and celebration, “We’re definitely not related.” The most surprising part of the video, though? Only one of the two men have a key to the city of Green Bay — and it’s not the American.

If you haven’t yet, make sure you scroll back to the beginning and watch the whole 10-minute video. It’s worth your time. Well done, NFL Films and producer Chris Weaver.