3 of the Best (and Worst) Super Bowl Commercials Ever

Jeff Gross/Getty Images
Jeff Gross/Getty Images

The Super Bowl is a major event in America. Viewers from all over grab their sodas, beers, and snacks and gather around the television set to celebrate and watch the game together.

Super Bowl Sunday is not only an exciting time for fans, though. It’s also a great opportunity for businesses to line their pockets. Around 50 million cases of beer are sold on Superbowl Sunday, pizza deliveries rise by around 35%, and during the week of the big game, retailers across the country sell 125 million chicken wings, per¬†Statistic Brain.

On game day last year, an average of around 112 million viewers tuned in to watch the Super Bowl, according to Nielsen data published on Marketing Charts. And, with so many people watching a single television event at one time — and many of them watching live as opposed to recording it on DVR — Super Bowl ad space is prime real estate. Just how prime? Well, it costs around $3.5 million for a 30-second slot.

On top of the fact that so many people are watching for the game itself, many viewers look forward to the commercials, too, as the biggest football game of the year is the time when advertisers put out their most entertaining material.

Super Bowl ads are some of the most memorable commercials out there — they can make us laugh, they can be inspirational, and they can even make us angry.

We’ve created a list of picks for some of the best and worst Super Bowl commercials of all time. What’s your favorite Super Bowl commercial?

Best Super Bowl commercials

1. Bridgestone Tires “Reply all” e-mail¬†(2011)

Remember this commercial? Many of us feel for this guy as we watch, as he thinks he accidentally sent an email to “everyone” instead of just sending it to his coworker at the neighboring desk. It’s something most office workers fear, and some have actually had happen.

2. Cindy Crawford Pepsi commercial (1992)

In this commercial, two boys are watching a beautiful woman as she goes for a Pepsi. The editing of the commercial, coupled with the question it poses (are the young men really intrigued with the Pepsi or the woman?) made the commercial into a big hit with viewers.

3. The original Budweiser frogs (1995)

These three frogs became iconic after this commercial aired in the mid-1990s. It requires the work of all three of those frogs to make the bud-weis-er sound.

Worst Super Bowl Commercials

1. Tim loves Doritos (2010)

Although some viewers did enjoy this Doritos ad, others had mixed reactions. Tim apparently loves Doritos so much that he dresses up in a suit made of Doritos and shoots a Dorito-like dart into his friend’s neck. The message here can be construed a few different ways: Doritos are so delicious that they make you into a crazy person, or eating Doritos can cause you serious pain.

2. Bud Light: Men singing in auto-tune (2010)

Budweiser Super Bowl commercials rarely disappoint. But, with its auto-tuned singing, this one leaves a lot to be desired.

3. Volkswagen: Accent in the office (2013)

This is one of the more confusing Super Bowl commercials we’ve seen. Why is this worker talking like that? So, the “power of German engineering” is a fake Jamaican accent?