3 Teams Desperate Enough to Sign Antonio Brown

The saga around Antonio Brown has taken yet another unsurprising turn as the star wide receiver has been released by the New England Patriots, likely due to numerous off-the-field issues. This has put him on the free-agent market once again for the second time in the last two weeks, which could see several teams look to take a chance on him. Here are a few organizations that may deem the reward outweighs the risk:

1. Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones hasn’t shied away from taking risky moves and adding Antonio Brown falls right into that. | Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images)

Over the years, the Cowboys under owner Jerry Jones have proven that they have no fear of taking chances on players regardless of their checkered past off the field.

This was exactly the case when the team elected to bring aboard former Pro Bowl defensive end Greg Hardy on a one-year, $11.3 million deal back in March 2015. Hardy was involved in an extremely public domestic violence case that cost him all but one game of the 2014 season with the Carolina Panthers.

Hardy had his 10-game ban from the NFL reduced to just four games, but things wound up going sideways. Beyond recording only 6.0 sacks in 12 games played, there were rumblings about his work ethic, difficulties that the coaching staff had with him, the constant tardiness to meetings, and the bad influence he had on the younger players.

If the Cowboys were willing to take a chance on a player like Hardy, what’s to say they wouldn’t go that route with Brown?

2. Washington Redskins

Sticking with the same division, the Redskins may also fall right into this category given how things have shaped up this season. On top of that, Washington has been no stranger to taking chances on troubled players in the past.

They were the first team to put a waiver claim on linebacker Rueben Foster after he was released by the San Francisco 49ers amid allegations of domestic violence. There are also reports that the team had some interest in trading for Tyreek Hill shortly after his child-abuse case became public, according to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk.

Browns’ addition would significantly upgrade their wide receiver position immediately stepping in as the No.1 passing game option. The team would likely still be intrigued regardless of possible punishment from the league that may land him on the Commissioner’s Exempt List in the near future.

3. Miami Dolphins

Antonio Brown Dolphins
A homecoming to Miami could be in the books for Antonio Brown with the Dolphins. | Mark Brown/Getty Images

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The Dolphins have gotten off to a rocky start to the 2019 season after suffering two straight embarrassing losses. This has dropped them down toward being regarded as the worst team in the league that appears to be openly tanking this year.

However, the Dolphins may have the potential inside track to land Brown as they offer him the opportunity to play in his hometown of Miami. This alone could be more than enough to get the 31-year-old to join them, despite the team looking like they’re going nowhere fast.

What could also fuel this possibility is that there may be no playoff team willing to take a chance on him. At the very least, it would keep his foot in the door in the NFL, especially after losing 99 percent of his original guaranteed money from the Patriots and Oakland Raiders in what turned out to be a suspicious situation.

It’s clear that Brown’s options are limited at this point in his career, given everything that has unfolded over the last year. He may have to ultimately settle for whatever opportunity comes his way regardless of where it is.