3-Time MLB World Series Champ David Wells Does Not Get the Credit He Deserves

David Wells pitched in the major leagues for 21 seasons. The left-handed pitcher played for nine different teams throughout his career. As a pitcher, Wells had a lot of success on the mound and won at the highest level.

Wells may not get the credit he deserves, but he was one of the best left-handed pitchers in the league for multiple years.

A look at David Wells career

Wells began his MLB career in 1987 with the Toronto Blue Jays. He was 24 years old when he made his MLB debut. In his first season, he appeared in 18 games and finished with a 4-3 record and a 3.99 ERA. He primarily came out of the bullpen during his rookie season. Wells only had two losing seasons during his time in Toronto. He won 15 games during the 1991 season making 40 appearances and 28 starts. The next season he won his first World Series title with the Blue Jays.

When Wells joined the Tigers during the 1993 season, he became a full-time starter. In his first season with the Tigers, he appeared in 32 games and made 30 starts and finished with an 11-9 record. Wells had one of his best seasons in 1995. Even though the Tigers were one of the worst teams in the league, Wells had success on the mound. He started the year at 10-3 with a 3.04 ERA. Wells made the all-star team for the first time in his career. Shortly after the all-star break, Wells was traded to the Cincinnati Reds.

In 1997, Wells joined the New York Yankees. Wells won 16 games that year, which was the most wins of his career at the time. He had a lot of success wearing the pinstripes in New York. The next season he won his second World Series title as a member of the Yankees. During the 1998 season, he finished with an 18-4 record and was named to his second all-star team. As Wells was getting older, he was becoming more effective as a pitcher.

A look at David Wells 1998 season

Not only did Wells win a World Series title with the Yankees and make the all-star team the same year. He did something that most pitchers never get the chance to do, and that was throw a perfect game.

On May 17, 1998, Wells took the mound against the Minnesota Twins. The Yankees won 4-0, and Wells had the best pitching performance of his career at the age of 35. His perfect game was the 15th one thrown in baseball history. That season is one that he will never forget.

David Wells was one of the best in the game

After a great 1998 season, Wells continued to have success. He returned back to the Blue Jays and played for them for two seasons. During the 1999 season, he won 17 games, and during the 2000 season, he won 20 games, which led the American League and was named to his third all-star team that year. Wells made another return to the Yankees and won a total of 34 games in two seasons. 

He pitched until his early 40s and continued to prove to be effective on the mound. His last season was in 2007 with the Los Angeles Dodgers where he made seven starts and finished with a 4-1 record. Wells accomplished a lot as a pitcher in the league, and he is one of those pitchers who sometimes gets overlooked.