5 NBA Logos Redesigned as Soccer Crests

Cavs soccer logo
Source: Milan Vu?kovi? (via Behance)

The NBA is more than just a league filled with some of the most physically gifted athletes on the planet. It’s also an environment where style, creativity, and general aesthetics are accentuated in a major way. While we could focus on individual player’s forms of expression, we think that organizations, as a whole, do a phenomenal job of presenting their own sense of style. The main way they do this is with their logo.

Logos are meant to encompass everything from the team’s mascot to the city in which the organization resides. Save for a few mishaps, team logos are tastefully done, artistically sensible, and perfectly thought-out. But as we’ve seen on multiple occasions, designers can use these logos to show their overall versatility. And by that, of course, we mean redesigning them into shields for a different sport.

Previously, we showed an excellent example of NFL team logos that were transformed in soccer logos. This time around we turn our attention to the exceptional work of Serbian designer Milan Vu?kovi?, who redesigned NBA logos as soccer shields. Although all of his designs are beautiful, a few stood out among the rest. Here’s a look at our five favorite NBA team logos redesigned as soccer crests.

1. Denver Nuggets

Denver Nuggets soccer logo
Source: Milan Vu?kovi? (via Behance)

The Denver Nuggets have a cool uniform and by extension a pretty sweet logo. However, we’ve always felt that the overall look could use a bit more balance. This newly refined “Denver Nuggets Football Club” shield is beautifully understated yet pops in all the right places. We dig the yellow Rocky Mountain, the bold star, and sleek light blue ring surrounding the whole design. With this redesign, the “goal” was achieved in more ways than one.

2. Houston Rockets

Houston Rockets soccer logo
Source: Milan Vu?kovi? (via Behance)

With the bright red color, the ringed planet, and a simple “FC,” we think Vu?kovi? did an outstanding job of creating a Houston Rockets soccer logo devoid of any clutter. Throw in the fact that the shield itself is stunning, and we think that everyone can agree that this particular redesign is “out of this world.”

3. Los Angeles Clippers

Los Angeles Clippers soccer logo
Source: Milan Vu?kovi? (via Behance)

Let the record show that our appreciation for this Los Angeles Clippers soccer shield was in no way dictated by our utter disdain for the team’s new look — easily among the worst uniforms in NBA history. For us, this logo cruises on the basis of its beautiful crown, flawless line work, and regal-esque “C” in the middle. If only this redesign could help the Clippers get out of the ultra-competitive Western Conference. Then it would be perfect.

4. Minnesota Timberwolves

Timberwolves soccer logo
Source: Milan Vu?kovi? (via Behance)

For the first time in a while, Minnesota Timberwolves fans can find a reason to feel optimistic. And we’re not just talking about the superstar potential of their rookie Karl-Anthony Towns. We’re referring to this smooth, simple, and perfectly proportioned soccer logo. While it may be part of the organizations’s namesake, we’ve never actually loved how the wolf is incorporated into the team’s logo. With these staggered evergreen trees, the new shield exudes style and class. This is a slam dunk if we’ve ever seen one.

5. Portland Trail Blazers

Portland Trail Blazers soccer logo
Source: Milan Vu?kovi? (via Behance)

The Portland Trail Blazers‘ “pinwheel” logo is one of the most beautiful symbols in all of professional sports. In this soccer logo redesign, Vu?kovi? does a superb job of accenting an already impeccable design, while utilizing a smooth double-outlined pentagon and a bold, red eight-pointed star. Trust us, if it was all about the look, we have a strong feeling LaMarcus Aldridge would not have bolted from Portland for the San Antonio Spurs.

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