5 Reasons Anthony Davis Is Bound to Re-Sign With The Lakers

When the Los Angeles Lakers traded for Anthony Davis near the beginning of the 2019 offseason, it was presumably for the long haul. After all, the last time the franchise swung for the fences on a superstar big man in Dwight Howard, he signed in Houston the following year. This doesn’t appear to be the case with Davis, however.

Even though he didn’t accept next year’s contract option, he’s likely to sign a major deal to return this year. And Davis has plenty of reasons to do so. 

The Lakers’ take on success

The end of the season is still in limbo, but we’ve seen enough to know the Lakers are one of the best teams in the NBA, as Bleacher Report details. At the time that the season was suspended, the Lakers held a five-and-a-half game lead on the rival Clippers in the Western Conference standings. While the league is still in limbo, the Lakers are likely to contend when and if the NBA resumes the season. 

In New Orleans, the Pelicans struggled to put consistent winners around Davis. While not entirely the fault of the franchise, every time the team showed hope something major happened that sent them back to the draft lottery. If Davis truly values winning, having a franchise that knows how to win will be important when he signs that dotted line. 

LeBron James

The franchise is still LeBron James’ team. While the 35-year-old superstar might be in the latter part of his career, he’s arguably as good as he has ever been. Davis can learn what Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh learned from playing next to him, even if it ends up being just a few years. 

James, unlike any NBA player in history, is showing no signs of slowing down in his seventeenth season in the NBA. While most players are a concern with that kind of mileage, James is yet to show even a slight regression. Davis knows this is James’ team. While he has one of the greatest of all time by his side. Furthermore, James’ age may provide another attractive opportunity for Davis as he thinks about his future. 

The keys to the franchise

The team might be James’ now, but if he does retire or regress, Davis will be the face of the Lakers franchise and could be for years to come. Still just 27 years of age, Davis likely has many years of greatness ahead of him.

If he needs to step up and be the alpha dog, he is a natural for that position. Davis can have the best of both worlds. He can learn under James while eventually reaping the benefits of having his team. Furthermore, he will do so as a member of the most storied franchise in the NBA. 

A legacy of greatness

Many greats never played for the Lakers. After all, Jordan never stepped foot into that home locker room and James’ legacy was secure long before he ever donned the purple and gold. However, a look at the greatest players of all time shows that more than any other team, the Lakers dominate that list with former players.

Being a Lakers superstar is different than being an average superstar. It puts the whole city of Los Angeles at your favor and shows that you were great on a great team. That alone might be worth considering as Davis ponders his future

Anthony Davis’s fame and riches


How the LA Lakers Could Actually Benefit From a Canceled NBA Season as It Pertains to Anthony Davis

While fans can lie about the impact that markets play in a decision such as this, it’s no mistake the Los Angeles always gets consideration. Los Angeles, Hollywood, and the outlying areas are the perfect market for somebody to build a brand that’s bigger than basketball. Whether it’s movies, music, or more endorsement deals, the Lakers offer a winning franchise and the perks of a major market that most, simply, cannot touch.

On top of all of this, the Lakers have the money to retain him, according to CBS Sports. With his rights and everything else considered, it’s hard to think up a single reason that the team could not retain this superstar. 

There’s always a possibility that Davis jumps ship. After all, in a world where Tom Brady can leave the Patriots, anything seems possible. Considering all of this, however, and it’s hard to see why he would. The Lakers have the talent, market, and tradition of greatness that others cannot touch. This is why, according to Vegas Insider, they are the favorites to retain their star big man and watch his story unfold.