5 Teams With a Shot at Landing Free Agent Jadeveon Clowney

Jadeveon Clowney is likely to be high on several NFL wish lists as he enters the 2020 free agency. From Super Bowl contenders to young up-and-comers, teams across the league will be clamoring for the star defensive end as he decides on his next chapter.

The teams will likely need to open up their pocketbooks, however, as having a player of Clowney’s caliber will not come cheap for whoever wins the inevitable bidding war. 

How much money is Jadeveon Clowney going to get?

Clowney is inarguably one of the best defensive ends in the NFL, and in a climate where top quarterbacks and running backs continue to set the earning potential of their positions even higher, Clowney is likely to do so on the defensive end. He was a Pro Bowler during three of his first five years in the league and was likely to have been one this year had injuries not hobbled him in Seattle. 

To date, Clowney has 236 combined tackles, 172 solo tackles, 32 sacks, and 80 total quarterback hits. Nobody is safe when he is on the field, and his edge-rushing sets him apart from nearly any other candidate for his position.

The odds are, regardless of where Clowney goes, the new suitor will be willing to pay a potential nine-figure deal in pursuit of the 27-year-old star. With so many potential suitors, however, these are the most likely landing spots for Clowney to end up in. 

Seattle Seahawks

Barring the circumstances that a player enters free agency with, the previous team will almost always have a shot at keeping their player if they are willing to pay. The Seahawks can use Jadeveon Clowney’s services on defense to help even the advantage they have with Russell Wilson and company on offense. With the Legion of Boom gone, Clowney could help the team bring in a new generation of defensive fear. 

There is one thing holding the Seahawks back, however. If Clowney is looking to set a new market for defensive ends, the Seahawks will have a hard time competing unless they can clear up salary. If the interest between the two is mutual, however, a deal could be agreed upon that helps both sides get what they want. 

Dallas Cowboys

 The Cowboys are looking to bring in a new era of football and reclaim the title of America’s team. Even with Ezekiel Elliott locked up already and Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper both expecting to sign major deals with the team, the team could still make space for a fourth major contract if Jerry Jones were willing to do so and saw a path to victory in the process. 

Baltimore Ravens 

With Lamar Jackson playing like a superstar on his rookie deal and the team looking to get even better than they showed during his MVP season, the team can be expected to look at Clowney to secure the team’s defensive side of the field.

The team has enough cap space to sign Jadeveon Clowney to the type of offer he is seeking, and the bonus of being a potential contender could appease his desire to win, too. A Clowney and Ravens pairing could be the most exciting prospect if the dominos fall in place. 

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New England Patriots

With the prospect of either having an aging Tom Brady running the offense or passing the baton on to someone else, the Patriots have plenty of reasons to look at Clowney. Clowney’s defense might be the best that the Patriots have seen in years, and whether or not the team looks the same or not, he could help fill a void that has plagued the Patriots in recent years. 

San Francisco 49ers 

Despite claims to the contrary, the 49ers could potentially lose Arik Armstead via free agency if they are not careful. If the interest between Jadeveon Clowney and Armstead were mutual, however, the team may be smart to consider which of the players they would like to sign.

Armstead is roughly the same age and does not have the same prolonged success as Clowney, even if his 2019 season was a breakout year. If Armstead looks elsewhere or the team gets cold feet, Clowney would be the obvious choice to replace him.