6 Current NBA Players With Horrible Tattoos

Fans would be hard-pressed to find an NBA player without at least some ink. From song lyrics to famous faces, many athletes adorn nearly every body part with ink. Some have meaning; others are downright bizarre. But every tattoo tells a story — even if it looks strange.

1. Mike Scott likes emojis

In fact, Mike Scott loves emojis so much that he has multiple emoji tattoos. From the two girls who represent his nieces to a middle finger pointed at his detractors, the power forward’s body art covers all his bases. According to NBC Sports, Scott’s favorite emoji tattoo is the eyes, because they have so many meanings at any given moment. 

Scott also notes that the NBA’s elder statesman, Vince Carter, was confused about his body art, asking Scott if the kissing lips emoji was supposed to be someone in particular. Whether or not we like them, Scott’s tattoos belong to him, and he seems to have fun with them regardless. 

2. JR Smith reigns supreme

JR Smith is no stranger to tattoos. NBA fans saw them on full display after the Cleveland Cavaliers won the 2016 NBA Championship. The shooting guard is literally up to his neck in ink. One specific tattoo he got during the last offseason received a lot of attention from the league. 

Smith got a tattoo of the logo for streetwear brand Supreme. This may seem pretty tame, but the NBA was not pleased with his decision to get a non-sponsored brand on his leg. Smith took to social media to voice his concern over what he believed to be targeted harassment. 

3. Montrezl Harrell goes country

Famous faces are all the rage in NBA tattoos. Austin Rivers has Martin Luther King Jr.’s face on his leg, and Kevin Durant has many famous face tattoos. Many of these have personal meanings. But nobody is quite sure why Montrezl Harrell tattooed Willie Nelson on his calf. It’s an interesting choice for someone who grew up in North Carolina, not Texas. Regardless, like Scott’s emojis, the crooner must be meaningful to the Clippers center.

4. Mike Muscala’s tattoo is super

People who have watched Mike Muscala play over the past five years may have noticed a familiar face peeking out from under his jersey. The face belongs to Nintendo’s Mario. Muscala currently plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. Aside from his interesting taste in tattoos, the NBA center also dabbles in rapping

5. Tyson Chandler has … something on his leg

Tyson Chandler is one of the NBA’s most seasoned veterans, but the tattoo on his leg is truly bizarre. The center’s left leg sports a tattoo that appears to depict something running down the side of his leg. What it is? We do not know, but its appearance is bizarre and, to be honest, a little disturbing. 

6. JJ Redick’s arm is utter nonsense

JJ Redick went from no noticeable tattoos to a bizarre tattoo that takes up his entire left arm. The story behind it is even more bizarre. According to Redick, he got the idea for his sleeve tattoo when he ran into Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine. The Pelicans player asked Levine where he got them, and within months Redick had a sleeve of his own. 

Said to represent the four gospels of the New Testament, the sleeve is filled with a winged man, winged lion, winged ox, and winged eagle. There’s too much going on for us to decide how exactly the animals apply.