6 NFL Postseason Records That Could Fall This Season

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An NFL player’s entire season is often judged by his playoff performance. Turning in clutch performances in the postseason has immortalized players with mediocre regular-season careers. And breaking a postseason career record is one of the fastest ways for players to be considered among the all-time NFL greats. Here is a look at six postseason career records that could fall this season.

All statistics are courtesy of Pro-Football-Reference.

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1. Passes completed

  • Current record holder: Tom Brady
  • Current record: 590 completions
  • Contender: Peyton Manning (572 completions)
  • Needed to break record: 19 completions

For Manning to break this record, he will need to play at least one more game than Brady this postseason. Barring any surprise upsets, Manning will have to beat Brady in the AFC Championship Game and then have an above-average performance in the Super Bowl to break this record.

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2. Pass attempts

  • Current record holder: Tom Brady
  • Current record: 950 attempts
  • Contender: Peyton Manning (889 attempts)
  • Needed to break record: 62 attempts

This record is a bit more of a long shot for Manning. Unless the Baltimore Ravens are able to upset Tom Brady and the New England Patriots this weekend, Manning will potentially only play in one more game than Brady this offseason — assuming the Denver Broncos play their way to the Super Bowl (which would be no easy task).

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3. Passing yards

  • Current record holder: Peyton Manning
  • Current record: 6,589 yards
  • Contender: Tom Brady (6,424 yards)
  • Needed to break record: 166 yards

If Brady ends up leading his team to the Super Bowl this year, this record will likely be his — at least until next season.

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4.  Touchdown passes

  • Current record holder: Joe Montana
  • Current record: 45 touchdowns
  • Contenders: Tom Brady (43 touchdowns), Peyton Manning (37 touchdowns)
  • Needed to break record: Brady needs 3 touchdowns, Manning needs 9

Brady could tie or break this record as soon as Saturday, when the Patriots take on the Baltimore Ravens in their AFC divisional playoff game. If New England makes a run to the Super Bowl, it is a near certainty that this record will fall along the way.

It will take a lot more for Manning to have a chance at breaking this record. He will need to turn in three huge performances this postseason to overtake Montana and Brady, but if there was ever a quarterback capable of pulling it off, it’s Manning.

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5.  Comebacks (quarterbacks)

  • Current record holder: Joe Montana
  • Current record: 5
  • Contender: Tom Brady (4 career playoff comebacks)
  • Needed to break record: 2

With one more comeback Brady will tie the record, and with two he will break the record. To do this, Brady will have to lead the Patriots to comeback wins in two out of the Patriots’ three possible postseason games. With the way the Patriots have been playing as of late, Brady may have the luxury of not having to worry about leading his team on a comeback.

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6.  Sacks

  • Current record holder: Willie McGinest
  • Current record: 16.0 sacks
  • Contender: Terrell Suggs (12.0 career postseason sacks)
  • Needed to break record: 4.5 sacks

For Suggs to break this record, he will either need to have an amazing divisional-round game against the New England Patriots or his team will need to go on another improbable run to the AFC Championship and/or Super Bowl XLIX.