6 Things You Didn’t Know About UFC’s President, Dana White

Bombastic personalities like Jerry Jones or Mark Cuban make following sports fun when games aren’t being played. The same is true for the UFC. There may not be a single sports businessperson with as large a personality as that of Dana White, the president of the UFC.

Here are six things you probably didn’t know about Dana White.

1. The mob chased Dana White out of Boston

According to Dana White, he was training boxers when muscle from an infamous mobster, Whitey Bulger, approached him and demanded that he pay them $2,500 for doing business in their neighborhood. White didn’t have the money, and after a final phone call from the henchmen, he realized that his life was in danger and he had to leave town. 

White booked the next flight to Las Vegas, and from there, he’d eventually become the president of UFC and turn MMA into a world-renowned sport.

2. Dana White is friends with Donald Trump

Although many athletes and team owners don’t like Donald Trump, White does. In fact, he spoke at the 2016 Republican National Convention and gave a speech that praised and endorsed Trump, largely because of how Trump helped him in the early days of UFC.

Back then, many people were against the idea of UFC and tried to get the sport banned in some states. Trump was an early supporter, though, so White calls him a friend.

3. He argues with fans

White probably uses social media too much because he gets into arguments with UFC fans so often. This isn’t isolated to fans either, as he’s also argued with his fighters on social media.

While this may seem unprofessional to some people, the sheer hilarity of watching the president of a major sports organization post childish insults is endearing to many fans. 

4. He feuds with fighters

White has feuded with many of his fighters before, and his feud with Cris Cyborg is one notable instance. Several years ago, White was feuding with Tito Ortiz, a light heavyweight on the roster.

They almost settled it inside the octagon. Although that fight never materialized, the two men still insult each other to this day.

5. Don’t believe his lies

One of the most famous memes when it comes to UFC is about White’s habit of lying. He’s lied so much in the past that fans have a hard time taking his word seriously.

For example, in 2016, he said UFC was not for sale. Not long after, it was sold for $4 billion.

Later in 2016, after Jon Jones tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs and was pulled from a fight with Daniel Cormier, White said that Jones would never headline a UFC card again. Jones has fought many times since then.

In 2011, White said women would never fight in UFC. A year later, Ronda Rousey joined UFC and started her dominant reign as the women’s bantamweight champion. White has since admitted how wrong he was about women fighting in UFC.

These were just some examples of how often Dana White will lie to the public about things regarding the organization.

6. His mom hates him

June White, his mother, has written extensively about how much she dislikes him. She’s even gone so far as writing an unauthorized biography about him.

While there is a reason to doubt the truthfulness of that book, what is clear and obvious is that she hates him. The relationship between him and his mom is a great analogy of the relationship between him and many UFC fans — one of love and hate.