7 Worst Uniform Changes Ever in the NFL

With some of the most intense uniforms of all the sports, good and bad NFL uniforms stand out more than almost any other sport. Whether it is going away from a proven hit or simply making an odd decision with their current schemes, many NFL teams have struggled to rebrand their uniforms throughout the years.

While some franchises have settled on a scheme that works — the Green Bay Packers, the Oakland Raiders, and the Pittsburgh Steelers (we won’t mention their 2006 alternates) — others have had hiccups in the road. 

These are among the worst uniform changes in NFL history.

Minnesota Vikings, 2006

When you make a name for yourself in one of the most iconic color schemes in the history of the NFL, you’re going to look weird in any other uniform.

However, When Brett Favre went over to Minnesota for the last stint of his career, he did so when the Vikings were rocking a truly unfortunate purple jersey with a strange white and yellow stripe on the side that ran from the sleeve to the pants. The jerseys are busy and almost cartoonish.

Jacksonville Jaguars, 2002

These were some of the blandest uniforms in recent memory. The Jaguars took the field in 2012 with uniforms that may look like strange Raiders uniforms if somebody wasn’t paying attention.

Diminishing the blue that typically highlights the jerseys to a barely noticeable outline on the lettering and numbers, these uniforms lacked any personality whatsoever. It didn’t help that the Jaguars were a bad team, so the eyesores they were wearing were made even worse.

Seattle Seahawks, 2002

Are they blue? Are they gray? Or are they somewhere near the middle? When the Seahawks came to the NFC, their blue tint seemed as though somebody had hit the settings enough to mute it into a monochromatic gray design. The result gave the uniforms almost no personality, although the helmets did help to appease this a little bit. 

Buffalo Bills, 2002

Another misstep from 2002, these Bills uniforms look like they should belong to a team called the Patriots. While most successful jerseys have a defined dominant color, the Bills seemed to have three.

White technically served as the background, but the blue on top with the red helmets and the red-and-black stripes on the side going down to red socks make these uniforms way too busy and utterly hideous. 

San Francisco 49ers, 1996

When you have one of the most iconic uniforms in the NFL, any change should probably subtle. When the Niners went away from their most popular uniforms, however, they made the result boring and uninspiring compared to their typical jerseys.

The red and white with black trim didn’t look terrible, but they lacked the character that came with typical jerseys, and it took them a decade to correct this. 

Philadelphia Eagles, 1985

Perhaps the thing that is most wrong with the 1985 Eagles uniform is the fact that it looks like a Jets uniform. The two green colors that the teams adopt will always look similar, but the 1985 uniforms look like near-carbon copies. They are not offensively bad, but the green jersey on white pants and socks is too close to the other’s and offers little to make up for this fact. 

Washington Redskins, 1970

A combination of the previous two mishaps, these uniforms suffer in that they look like college uniforms, and they also look like they could be a 49ers mishap rather than a Redskins jersey.

The R on the helmet looks like a grocery store logo, and there are too many stripes on the sleeves. The gold pants are also too stark a difference. They resemble uniforms for a McDonald’s team.