8 Things You Didn’t Know About the Famously Eccentric Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather is one of the most eccentric personalities in the sports world. But, asides from being one of the best boxers ever, there are also a lot of other fun facts about the man. Here are just eight things you may not know about him.

1. He may be a billionaire 

Although it’s difficult to estimate someone’s net worth, Mayweather is one of the few athletes to make over $1 billion from their sports career. As a result, his net worth is estimated to be extremely high. How high though will depend on who you ask. While some sources estimate that Mayweather has a net worth of about $560 million, others believe he could be worth up to $1 billion

2. He’s made more money than every UFC fighter combined

There’s a small rivalry between UFC fans and boxing fans, but one area where these two sports aren’t even close involves their paychecks. Over the course of about seven years, Mayweather made about as much money as every UFC fighter combined.

While this may seem ridiculous, it’s not that farfetched since many lesser-known UFC fighters earn $12,000 to fight. Mayweather, on the other hand, can make hundreds of millions for a single fight. 

3. He doesn’t drink or smoke weed

Floyd Mayweather attends a press conference in 2018
Floyd Mayweather attends a press conference in 2018 | Jun Sato/Getty Images

Having all that money is one thing, but Mayweather has to spend it on something. Unlike many other millionaire athletes, Mayweather doesn’t party by drinking or smoking, according to Complex.

4. He made $500,000 every time he punched someone

According to USA Today, Mayweather earned about $500,000 every time he landed a punch on one of his opponents. While this may seem even more far fetched, the math adds up.

In his last 10 fights, Mayweather earned a total of $915 million. In those same 10 fights, he landed 1,833 punches. Do the math, and it equals about 500,000 per punch.

5. He loves The Notebook

While Mayweather’s parties may be well-documented on his social media, one thing he likes to do that isn’t well-documented involves watching The Notebook, one of the more popular romance movies in the world. Complex says Mayweather loves The Notebook because the romantic ending of the movie was exactly what he wanted in his life. 

6. He has never married 

Despite his desire to have the romance from The Notebook and despite dating many women and fathering several children, Mayweather has never tied the knot.

7. He helped out his former opponents

Mayweather’s soft spot in his heart can still be seen in his boxing career. As ESPN reports, after the wife of Genaro Hernandez, one of his former opponents, passed away from cancer, Mayweather helped Hernandez by paying for his wife’s funeral.

8. He’s helped feed the homeless population

As Complex reports, Mayweather’s gone out of his way to help people in need in Las Vegas. Not only has he started a foundation that helps the needy, but he also helped feed the homeless folks in Las Vegas. Complex says Mayweather doesn’t do this for the publicity; he does it because it matters a lot to him.