A Furious Deshaun Watson Could Force the Texans to Make Massive Changes

Deshaun Watson is fresh off a career-best season, but the Houston Texans fell well short of their lofty expectations. Watson has quickly become the center of internal friction over the last several days. The entire matter has now moved toward another concerning point involving the star quarterback’s standing with the franchise.

Deshaun Watson shines despite Texans’ disappointing 2020 season

The 2020 season was anything less than encouraging for the Texans as they fell well out of the playoff picture.

It marked the first time in three years that Houston missed the postseason. Despite that, Deshaun Watson remained a bright spot behind a career-best campaign. Watson finished first in the league with a franchise and career record of 4,823 passing yards, tied for seventh with 33 touchdown passes, and second with a 112.4 passer rating.

The Pro Bowler posted a career-best year even after the Texans chose to trade star wideout DeAndre Hopkins last offseason. The Texans’ issues have now quickly bled into the offseason, with Watson being the forefront of the internal conflict.

Deshaun Watson is fuming behind the scenes in Houston

Since the end of the 2020 season, the Houston Texans have moved quickly toward bringing stability to their franchise.

The process has led to the team quickly hiring former Patriots’ front office executive Nick Caserio as their next general manager. The move has immediately created some internal friction with star quarterback Deshaun Watson behind the scenes. Adam Schefter of ESPN poured more gasoline on that fire on Monday morning during his segment on ESPN’s Get Up, stating that Watson’s anger level is at an all-time high.

“Deshaun Watson is really unhappy with how events unfolded in Houston last weekend,” Schefter said. “I was told that if his anger level was a quote-unquote two last year after they traded DeAndre Hopkins away, his anger level now is at a 10. It’s at a 10 because the Texans went to him for advice and recommendation on what to do going forward.

“He gave some feedback that was basically ignored during the process. It was ignored in favor of bringing someone else from New England after a history of bringing people in from New England leaving Deshaun Watson very unhappy.”

Since the Texans let go of head coach Bill O’Brien, Watson’s involvement in the team’s internal affairs has been extensively noted. The organization’s decision to ignore the 25-year-old advice has entirely created additional concerning issues.

Schefter also noted that he believes it’s a situation that can elevate to potential serious trade discussions. It should be noted that Watson holds a no-trade clause in the contract extension he signed last offseason. All of this is seemingly leading to a disastrous outcome in Houston.

Massive changes ahead for the Texans?


Texans Just Sacrificed All Their Power to Deshaun Watson

Before matters reach another concerning stage, it’s quite evident the Texans hold a clear desire to build the team around Deshaun Watson.

There isn’t any desire to trade or move off Watson, who has proven to be one of the league’s top quarterbacks. The internal friction centers on the franchise potentially falling into the same pitholes that the 25-year-old believes will keep them on a downward path.

Things can quickly head sideways if Watson desires a trade, but his immediate intentions are to be a part of Houston’s turnaround. A trade demand will signal an irreparable breaking point fueled by the belief that Houston can’t compete for the playoffs, let alone a Super Bowl.

If the Texans want Watson committed to their long-term future, massive change is needed ahead.