A Rare Anthony Davis Card Hit a $1 Million Milestone

The sports trading card industry has gotten a recent boost due to those who treat it like an investment opportunity. People pay five, six, even seven figures for certain cards. This isn’t limited to the players of old either. A card featuring Lakers big man Anthony Davis recently reached a $1 million milestone that could grow even bigger with time. 

Big business 

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The trading card game has been big business for decades, according to Goldin Auctions. However, while the industry used to market to kids, now it operates more like an investment opportunity than a pack of cards you get with gum. Sports memorabilia as a whole has had a recent resurgence. But few have done so like the card industry. It never died, but it went to the wayside for several years.

When people think about the most valuable sports cards, they are likely considering those from a century ago, like the $3 million Honus Wagner card that remains the most heavily sought after in the entire market. Now, however, trading card companies aren’t banking on a piece of cardboard multiplying in value. They make premium cards meant to increase from the offset. 

Now, cards are printed with a baseline worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. People watch as every game fluctuates its value like the stock market. This is the case with an Anthony Davis card that recently sold for over a million dollars.

What is the card? 

Lakers player Anthony Davis warms up
Anthony Davis of the Los Angeles Lakers laughs on the court | Harry How/Getty Images

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According to the Goldin Auctions website, the card in question was a rookie card. Part of the 2012-13 National Treasures set, the signed card with a jersey patch on it is just the type of rare card that makes the deep-pocketed investors swoon, reports Forbes. These types of cards, made solely unique by the tags and autographs, have become the holy grail of modern athletes. 

Part of an auction that also had Jordan, Patrick Mahomes, and other cards of stars from the past and present made for a $33 million night at Goldin, a record for the auction house. This shows just what type of magnitude the historical purchase made. For a car to be worth hundreds of dollars, many things have to go right. For it to be part of a seven-figure transaction, it has to be one of a kind. 

What makes the Davis card a hot commodity: The fact that the 27-year-old superstar just won his first NBA ring and still has years to improve his legacy. However, on the other side of that coin is the idea that his stock is at an all-time high and that a fluke injury or failure to achieve what he did last year with the Lakers could make it a sunken cost

What will happen with the Anthony Davis card?

There are two possible outcomes for this. As LeBron James gets older, Davis could become the face of the most popular team in professional basketball. If that happened, the million-dollar card could get even more expensive, explains Hype Beast. However, if something that somehow lowered his stock among fans happened, the card could quickly be worth little more than the cardboard that it’s printed on. 

The card market has been going strong for many years, and with each new trend in it, more legends of the field are born. Davis might not be the most popular player on his basketball team. Still, if you’re a card collector, few athletes are more attractive on the card market. Now, the buyers will have to hope that the best is yet to come for the man on the card, or they’ll have a million-dollar scrap of paper on their hands without a market to sell to