A Signed Tiger Woods Golf Glove Is Worth Over $10,000

Tiger Woods may not be quite the player he was at his peak, but he’s still got a lot of game left in him. He also commands a lot of attention any time he plays in a tournament — good luck finding news on any other player if Woods is in the hunt on the back nine of a major. 

Woods’ popularity has translated into its own cottage industry due to his autograph being worth so much. People can’t seem to get enough of his signed memorabilia, which is evidenced by the fact that one of his signed golf gloves fetches well over $10,000. 

Tiger Woods’ career overview

Woods had high expectations from early on in his career. Pretty much as soon as he could walk, his dad Earl put a golf club in his hand. From his amateur career at Stanford to his historic 1997 win at the Masters, Woods made waves from a very early age. Woods’ first win at Augusta marked the first win for a black or Asian American in the tournament, one of golf’s most important events. 

For more than a decade, Woods enjoyed a successful run at the top of the golf world. He completed a career grand slam at the age of 23 in 2000 after winning the British Open.

He seemingly won major after major, dominating the sport. In 2008, he won the U.S. Open in dramatic fashion on a bad knee and was forced to withdraw from the sport. A scandal surrounding his extramarital affairs rocked the sport the next year, sending him on a spiral that changed the course of his career. 

After battling injuries and his demons in his personal life, Woods eventually climbed back to the top of golf’s mountain, winning the 2019 Masters Tournament at 43 years old. 

Woods’ success has led to him being lionized as a hero by golf fans, so it’s no wonder that memorabilia associated with him would fetch a pretty penny. 

The rather expensive Tiger Woods-signed golf glove

A quick search for Woods’ related memorabilia will leave one flabbergasted. Take, for example, Woods’ golf glove. Most golfers wouldn’t think twice about their gloves — tossing them into their golf bag or locker after a round. 

Woods’ gloves are a different story. According to the site SportsMemorabilia.com, a signed pair of Woods’ golf gloves are on sale for $14,559. To a golf novice or non-expert, this sum may seem ridiculous, but there are likely many golf fans who would purchase the item and display it prominently with their other sports memorabilia. 

Other expensive pieces of memorabilia

If you’re a golf fan but Tiger Woods’ gloves don’t move the needle for you, it’s not the only item you can buy with Woods’ autograph on it. Check out what else golf fans can purchase: 

  • A signed golf shirt worth nearly $25,000. 
  • A signed mock red turtleneck Woods is famous for wearing for $4,083. 
  • Another used golf glove — this one framed with a photo of Woods — for $13,770. 

Those are insane prices when you consider the items in question. You can get a mock red turtleneck online for probably a few bucks. But it just speaks to the enormous impact of Woods that his signature would command such a high figure. 

Woods’ run as the biggest name in the sport is the main reason why his memorabilia has such a high price. He’s dominated golf like few others have — only Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer’s runs at the top of the sport can rival Woods.

Woods also did his most damage during an era in which the internet was taking hold as a cultural touchstone, spreading the word of his dominance even faster. It’s why his memorabilia will continue to cost a lot of money for the foreseeable future.