Aaron Donald and Connor Williams Did Their Best UFC Impersonation During a Recent Joint Practice Between the Rams and Cowboys

Aaron Donald is arguably the most intimidating individual in the NFL at the moment. Standing at 6-foot-1 and 284 pounds, the Los Angeles Rams’ superstar defensive tackle rarely has any issues imposing his will on the football field.

Donald has racked up a mind-boggling total of 85.5 sacks over seven seasons in the NFL and has established himself as the top DT in the sport. The Rams routinely lean on his ability to cause chaos in the backfield when it comes time to build a defensive gameplan, and Donald has had no issues delivering when asked to do so.

While most offensive linemen fear the day they have to line up across from Donald, current Dallas Cowboys guard Connor Williams showed zero fear during a recent joint practice.

In fact, Williams was more than happy to get physical with Donald.

A joint practice between the Los Angeles Rams and the Dallas Cowboys resulted in a team-wide brawl due to Aaron Donald and Connor Williams getting into a fight

Williams (52) can be seen latching onto Donald’s pads following the conclusion of the practice rep. Donald clearly took exception to such a hold, quickly grabbing at Williams’ facemask and wrestling him to the ground.

Cowboys and Rams players alike rushed into the scuffle, resulting in a massive brawl between all present players. Donald and Williams had to be pulled off one other at the bottom of the pile as they continued to scratch and claw.

This practice-rep-turned-fight wasn’t the only encounter between Donald and Williams either. The two engaged in a one-on-one pass-blocking drill at another point during practice. The drill ended in some extra shoves between the two parties.

The two linemen were going at it all-day

Despite what PFF says in the above-listed tweet, this definitely looks like a rep that Donald won. It’s a pass-blocking drill, meaning the goal is to keep the pocket intact so the hypothetical quarterback can complete a clean pass.

Williams got pushed about five yards deep into said pocket.

If this were a real NFL game, Donald would have been able to sack the opposing quarterback easily, or at the very least provide enough pressure to disrupt the throw and force an incompletion. It was a rep that Donald clearly dominated Williams on, which might explain why the Cowboys’ offensive lineman was getting so frustrated throughout practice.

Getting repeatedly owned by someone as strong and physical as Donald is enough to get anyone to resort to some extra grabbing and shoving.

Donald is in hot pursuit of his fourth Defensive Player of the Year award, while the LA Rams are looking to get back into the Super Bowl conversation

Aaron Donald of the Los Angeles Rans.
Aaron Donald | Icon Sportswire

As long as Donald is on the roster and healthy, the Rams will have an impressive defense. Add in standout corner Jalen Ramsey, and LA could easily have the best defense in football in 2021.

With the defensive side of the football secured, the Rams went out and made an aggressive push for former Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford this past offseason. The hope is that Stafford, combined with head coach Sean McVay, should be enough to vault the Rams back into the Super Bowl conversation.

LA last appeared in the Super Bowl in 2019 with Jared Goff as their quarterback, which they failed to win.

Unfortunately, the Rams and Cowboys don’t play each other during the regular season, so this brewing rivalry between Donald and Williams will have to be tabled once these joint practices end. However, the two teams could meet each other a little later if Dak Prescott can play a full year for the Cowboys.

“Donald v Williams II” in the playoffs, anyone?

All stats courtesy of Pro Football Reference.

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