Aaron Donald Hopes the NFL Takes His COVID-19 Suggestion Seriously

The NFL has continued to work toward a safe and methodical approach for the 2020 season. There have been bumps along the way, but the league is progressively moving toward playing out the campaign. The NFL has had to make several notable temporary changes to fall within the safety parameters. That has led LA Rams star defensive tackle Aaron Donald voice a suggestion he hopes the league will consider.

NFL continues to take precautionary approach for 2020 season

The last few months have seen things continue to ramp with the NFL’s precautionary approach to handling its teams amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The league has moved through some significant hurdles that have seen some setbacks along the way. There has been progress, such as the NFL committing to $75 million to conduct daily testing throughout the 2020 season. It has also seen them create 32 individual bubble situations in each team’s training camp ahead of the upcoming campaign.

There has been some strict enforcement of the health protocols to keep everyone involved with each organization safe. It has seen the league continue to adjust to the many changes that have been conducted due to the virus. There has been one expected alteration that Rams defensive star Aaron Donald is hoping the NFL can make an exception.

Aaron Donald wants to see fans at SoFi Stadium

One of the sticking points that have hovered around the situation over the last few months has been the likelihood that fans can attend games. It’s something that the NFL initially took the optimistic approach toward potentially having fans.

As it has rolled closer to the start of the 2020 season, many teams around the league have declared that they won’t have anyone attending games. The Rams are among the franchises electing to have zero fan attendance, which is something that Aaron Donald has voiced he hopes can change, according to Greg Beacham of The Associated Press.

“I feel like we need fans in there just for the excitement and the fun, but ain’t nothing I can do about it,” Donald said. “I think we can try to figure something out to get some type of fans in there, but I don’t know. I feel like it’s a big stadium. Spread people out. But it ain’t my call.”

In some ways, Donald’s comments mirror what Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones suggested about having fans spread out in the stadium. Jones voiced last month that he will have a limited number of fans that will be strategically located across AT&T Stadium. The Rams have the luxury of a new arena that can hold 70,000 fans with plenty of space.

Donald’s comments hold the proper intentions, but it’s a situation that is out of his hands. There are still many health concerns for large gatherings due to the virus largely impacting the United States. It’s hard to envision the Rams or any other teams that have taken that stance regarding no fan attendance changing that until it’s deemed as medically safe.

NFL will likely roll forward with no fans in the 2020 season


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The NFL’s hope all along has remained with the ability to allow fans to attend games in the 2020 season.

However, it’s a matter that still has much concern over the coronavirus, which has impacted many industries across the country. The NFL is one of them with large gatherings of people, which is medically recommended to avoid until further notice.

Aaron Donald’s comments are in no way a reflection of him trying to force the matter. Instead, he’s hoping to see any possible way any fans can safely attend games as he realizes how crucial they are to the entire game experience.