Aaron Judge Contract: Carlos Beltran May Have Accidentally Leaked Extension Update

The New York Yankees have become engulfed by the discussion concerning Aaron Judge’s contract situation. The star outfielder remains without a long-term extension days before Opening Day.

Judge has demonstrated a willingness to wait until after the 2022 season to garner his next contract. However, his former teammate Carlos Beltran may have unintentionally revealed a massive update regarding his extension talks.

Aaron Judge puts self-imposed Opening Day contract extension deadline

New York Yankees outifelder Aaron Judge readies to hit a bit during an at-bat.
Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge goes through an at-bat. | Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Over the last few weeks, the Yankees have operated with a ticking clock concerning Aaron Judge’s contract situation.

The star outfielder’s Opening Day deadline for a new deal has put plenty of pressure on the organization. There is a strong mutual interest, while Judge has repeatedly voiced a strong desire to extend his tenure in New York.

“I think if we’re able to talk and get something done in spring training before the season starts, that’d be ideal,” Judge said via SI.com. “I don’t want contract talks or extensions or all that stuff to be a distraction throughout the year. 

“If we’re able to agree to something here in spring before we head up to New York, that’s wonderful and I’d honored and blessed. If not, then we’ll talk after the season.”

The Yankees have reportedly made little progress toward a new deal, which is why Carlos Beltran’s latest remarks perk up plenty of ears.

Carlos Beltran slips up about Aaron Judge’s contract situation

As Opening Day inches closer, the speculation around Aaron Judge’s extension talk grows.

However, former star outfielder and current YES Network commentator Carlos Beltran aired some intriguing comments concerning Judge’s situation among other things. During Monday’s spring training game, Beltran appeared to indicate that the 29-year-old had already inked his next deal with the Yankees.

“I’m just glad to see him being able to create this new contract with the New York Yankees and being able to extend his stay here in New York,” Beltran said via The New York Post. “He’s a guy that plays the game hard and I bet the message has to be like, from Judge, the Yankees are willing to commit like that for so long. And at the same time … they want to build around him. They understand he’s a leader, so I’m glad to see Aaron Judge increasing his stay here with the New York Yankees.”

Beltran shortly after walked back his remarks by stating that he hoped that the two sides could agree to a new deal because of Judge’s importance to the team’s success. After the game, the star outfielder caught wind of the comments voicing that he believes his former teammate is looking out for him.

The latest reports around the situation suggest that there hasn’t been any significant progress toward a new deal. However, Beltran’s matter-of-fact tone gives off a much different sentiment that things may be further along.

Judge will keep the dialogue behind closed doors, but Beltran’s comments may be the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come.

Yankees must avoid lingering uncertainty with the star outfielder

As much as Judge appears comfortable rolling through the 2022 campaign without a new deal, the Yankees must avoid that route.

The star slugger knows he will get paid what he wants by New York or another ballclub. General manager Brian Cashman holds every reason to get it done now as the team won’t have to compete with other offers. He remains under contract through the 2022 season, but it could become an all-out bidding war if he hits free agency.

New York knows it will have to unload a massive deal to keep Judge, and that number could grow exponentially next offseason if they want until then. The Yankees will only stand to lose the longer the situation lingers.

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