Aaron Rodgers’ $14,650 Slap on the Wrist Makes the NFL Look Ridiculous After CeeDee Lamb’s Bonkers $20,000 Jersey Malfunction

The story of the NFL has been the situation regarding Green Bay Packers star Aaron Rodgers. The reigning NFL MVP tested positive for COVID-19 and suddenly became the talk of the league once again.

Rodgers is unvaccinated despite saying he was “immunized” over the summer and proceeded to miss the showdown against the Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes.

The NFL then reviewed the protocols around the Packers organization and handed down a measly $14,650 fine to Rodgers and Allen Lazard. That is all.

$14,000 for violating protocols, and suddenly the NFL continues to look ridiculous. What’s worse is that the NFL fined Dallas Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb $20,000 for a uniform issue. Really.

Aaron Rodgers $14,650 fine just a slap on the wrist

This sure was a quick review by the NFL — if we can even call it that. Sure, the Packers as a team got fined $300,000. But Rodgers seemed to be the main culprit and barely got dinged at all.

For a guy who signed a four-year, $134 million contract, $14,650 is essentially nothing. It is just utterly ridiculous by the NFL to fine him such a tiny amount.

With the league’s rules and protocols being different for vaccinated and unvaccinated players, Rodgers clearly broke protocols while being unvaccinated. Yet, this is what the league does and, to be frank, it is blasphemous.

Do you know what makes this look even worse? The fact the Lamb got fined more for having an untucked jersey — yes, an untucked jersey.

CeeDee Lamb’s $20,000 fine is even more unbelievable after the “punishment” handed down to Rodgers

The Cowboys star wide receiver received a pair of fines for having an untucked jersey. The first was for the game against the Philadelphia Eagles and the second for the same issue against the Carolina Panthers.

Now, per the league’s rules, if Lamb does it again, the fine amount will be close to $50,000 — and that’s just for uniform issues. Lamb also got dinged after waving during the Cowboys victory over the New England Patriots.

As far as Rodgers is concerned, he did violate protocols and it warrants a $14,650 fine. But in what world is Lamb having an untucked jersey worse than a player breaking COVID-19 protocols?

It isn’t; that’s the truth. Lamb himself wasn’t too thrilled after hearing about Rodgers’ fines.

At this point, who knows why the NFL set up the violations as they have. Perhaps the NFL is protecting its superstar quarterback?

Just an ugly situation and this is not helping the NFL save face.

The NFL’s confusion is more and more evident week after week

Cowboys WR CeeDee Lamb and Packers QB Aaron Rodgers.
Cowboys WR CeeDee Lamb and Packers QB Aaron Rodgers | Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Terry Bradshaw Destroys Aaron Rodgers for Lying About COVID-19 Status: ‘Unfortunately, We’ve Got Players That Pretty Much Think Only about Themselves’

The new taunting rule, the 17-game schedule, and the COVID-19 protocols are just a few things that have been hot topics of conversation.

As a whole, it is a terrible look for the league. The emphasis on taunting was highlighted during the Pittsburgh Steelers and Chicago Bears Monday Night Football game. The protocols of COVID are now highlighted by the bizarre Rodgers’ situation, and players across the league aren’t happy about the extra game.

These things need fixing, and the Rodgers’ debacle is just the latest issue that needs to be addressed quickly. So, in theory, players can break protocols and pay chump change and then continue to do the same offense.

In a way, it is pointless, and it just makes the league look worse. As if things weren’t bad enough in No Fun League, this is just another chapter in a tumultuous 2021 campaign.

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