Aaron Rodgers Calls Out the NFL Over Its COVID-19 Rules

Throughout much of the 2020 season, the NFL has continuously dealt with COVID-19 cases. Nearly half the league has had to adjust due to the virus impacting their organization beyond the players. However, issues have arisen beyond the emerging new cases as Green Bay Packers star quarterback Aaron Rodgers has pointed out some concerning problems with the NFL’s handling of the situation.

COVID-19 continuing to impact the NFL

The NFL entered the 2020 season well aware that COVID-19 cases would crop up around the league.

There has undoubtedly seen a rise in that with several teams experiencing setbacks with the virus. The Pittsburgh Steelers are the latest, with defensive tackle Vance McDonald testing positive. The entire matter put star quarterback Ben Roethlisberger on the reserve/COVID-19 list due to his close contact with McDonald before his negative test result.

Teams such as the Tennessee Titans, Green Bay Packers, San Francisco 49ers, and the Baltimore Ravens have all recently dealt with cases. All that has created some uncertainty and angst among the players about how things are handled.

Star quarterback Aaron Rodgers is the latest to air his feelings on the matter.

Aaron Rodgers’ issues with COVID-19 protocols

The NFL has continued to deal with an increase in COVID-19 cases around the league over the last few weeks.

There has been a mixture of protocols set up to help combat the virus’s spread with the players, coaches, and personnel around each franchise. During Aaron Rodgers’ weekly interview on The Pat McAfee Show, he questioned why certain restrictions are in place that contradicts other things that are allowed. (H/T New York Post)

“I’m just wondering, ‘What is this based on?’” Rodgers said “I just think there’s some double standards. You can dap up a guy after the game, but you can’t eat at the same lunch table as a teammate.

“You can go down to practice and hit each other and be in close contact, but you have to have plexiglass in between you and the guy next to you in the locker room. Some of those things, to me, don’t add up. I understand we are trying to get every game in and stay healthy.”

Aaron Rodgers also used the example of the NFL voicing before the 2020 season that players couldn’t speak to players on the opposing team after the game. Those protocols have gone out the window as there continues to be mingling in that regard around the league.

The 36-year-old is more than aware and supportive of the protective measures but doesn’t understand the protocols’ lack of uniformity.

NFL has many COVID-19 issues to address


The NFL Has New COVID-19 Testing Rules But Has Essentially Shut Down the Idea of a Postseason Bubble

With each passing week, there are a few teams hit with new COVID-19 cases.

The recent spike nationally has undoubtedly impacted the NFL, with many organizations having to adjust on the fly to these situations. There are certainly more players around the league beyond Aaron Rodgers that have their questions about how the NFL is handling these matters.

There isn’t a clear-cut way of dealing with COVID-19, but the lack of uniformity in the protocols and safety measures hasn’t helped. There will continue to be cases that crop up, but the NFL hasn’t worked through these situations appropriately.

The NFL’s end goal is to work through the 2020 season as proficiently as possible, but that march with have bumps along the way. It’s on the league to best address and handle them as they arise.