Aaron Rodgers’ Former Teammate Believes Packers Fans Are Worrying About the Wrong Detail

The Green Bay Packers continue to struggle to move through the offseason as Aaron Rodgers remains at odds with the franchise. The star quarterback has positioned himself toward wanting out after 16 seasons. With that in mind, one of Rodgers‘ former longtime teammates has added another intriguing element.

Aaron Rodgers wants to leave the Packers

Since the Packers’ disappointing departure from last year’s playoffs, the team has become engulfed in the saga concerning Rodgers’ future.

The star quarterback remains at odds with the front office, without a resolution as the 2021 season inches closer. Rodgers has elected to stay away for voluntary team workouts and will likely not attend mandatory minicamp this month.

Through it all, the Packers continue to publicly voice that the three-time league MVP is the future under center. General manager Brian Gutekunst also stated that he believes the relationship is amendable.

On top of that, one of Rodgers’ longtime teammate has added another wrinkle to the troublesome matter.

Aaron Rodgers’ former teammate believes Packers fans are worrying about the wrong detail

Since Rodgers‘ internal frustrations became public, the dialogue has shifted toward conflict with the front office.

The narrative continues to remain fixated on that as the primary hurdle to get past to amend the fractured relationship. However, Rodgers’ former longtime teammate James Jones voiced during an interview on The Herd With Colin Cowherd on Tuesday that the three-time league MVP told him the issues don’t lie with Gutekunst.

“I’ve talked to Aaron. I talk to him all the time. He told me it’s not about the GM… It’s not about that. That’s why I truly believe that this is fixable…” Jones said. “It’s not about getting the GM fired and he’s told me that. He’s willing to go in there and make this thing right.”

Jones has maintained a strong relationship with Rodgers over the years. The former wideout received the honor of breaking the news concerning the star quarterback’s four-year, $134 million extension in August 2018.

Jones’ remarks do bring more clarity that the relationship may be fixable. Rodgers hasn’t pushed the discussion toward a firm trade demand, which has led to a few of his former teammates believing the matter is fixable.

However, Jones’ comments don’t exactly line up with the future Hall of Famer’s public stance.

The star quarterback’s comments suggest otherwise

Jones’ recent comments shed a brighter light on Rodgers’ mindset concerning his future in Green Bay.

However, these remarks don’t line up with what the star quarterback hinted at weeks ago. During the interview on ESPN for Kenny Mayne’s last SportsCenter, Rodgers appeared to fire a shot at the Packers front office.

“With my situation, look it’s never been about the draft pick, picking Jordan,” Rodgers said. “I love Jordan; he’s a great kid. [We’ve had] a lot of fun to work together. Love the coaching staff, love my teammates, love the fan base in Green Bay. An incredible 16 years. It’s just kind of about a philosophy and maybe forgetting that it is about the people that make the thing go. It’s about character, it’s about culture, it’s about doing things the right way.”

All that makes it hard to commit fully to Jones’ stance being the entire truth. Rodgers has lingering issues with the front office that stem from the various roster move made over the years through the draft, free agency, and lack of trades. He may hold no ill will toward Love, but his presence is part of the reason for the uneasiness currently in Green Bay.

Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that Rodgers holds unresolved conflict with the organization. If the Packers hope to keep the 37-year-old on board, it needs to be much more than working out an extension.

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