Aaron Rodgers’ Freudian Slip Shows His True Feelings Toward the Packers

The Green Bay Packers finally have star quarterback Aaron Rodgers back in the fold before the 2021 season. However, the two sides still possess an uneasy standing that leaves plenty of uncertainty beyond this year. Rodgers further underlined the lingering fractured relationship after his recent telling comments.

Aaron Rodgers finally returns to the Packers

After months of uncertainty surrounding Rodgers‘ future, the two sides worked out a restructured deal.

The front office finally bent to the star quarterback’s will by providing him more control over his NFL future. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported the reworked contract includes voiding the 2023 year, agreeing to review the situation at the end of the 2021 season, and mechanisms to address the star quarterback’s issues with the team.

In essence, Rodgers holds complete control of his NFL future beyond this upcoming season, allowing him to choose where he wants to play. It takes away any of the uncertainty regarding where he stands with the franchise. He can play the 2022 campaign in Green Bay while holding the option to play elsewhere.

The journey toward this pathway featured many bumps along the road, but Rodgers garnered what he wanted most. It had nothing to do with money but instead dictating his future. The lack of commitment from the franchise beyond last season pushed him to a breaking point.

With his return to the team cemented, Rodgers delivered a telling comment that showed his honest feelings concerning his standing with the franchise.

Aaron Rodgers’ Freudian slip shows his true feelings toward the Packers

As Rodgers remains away, he continually spoke in cryptic terms to describe his lingering issues with the Packers.

In his first press conference with the media on Wednesday, Rodgers expressed his unfiltered emotions regarding the situation. It featured the star quarterback making a revealing statement as a Freudian slip regarding the team saw him purposely leave out the organization as something he loves.

“I love this team, I love the or- you know, the fans,” Rodgers said.

Rodgers caught himself before uttering the cliche phrase of how he loves the organization. His quick decision to avoid that wording shows there remains a strong lingering disconnect with the franchise.

He holds the utmost respect and admiration for his teammates, coaches, and fans. However, that olive branch no longer extends to management due to the fractured relationship. It further underlines that Rodgers may be preparing to play his final season with the Packers.

His return is fueled by his strong desire to play football alongside his teammates. It’s a pure business decision that he’s worked out, allowing him to choose where the next chapter of his career will be.

Green Bay set for drama-filled 2021 season


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Beyond the star quarterback returning to the Packers, it sets the table for a highly critical 2021 season.

Rodgers holds complete control over his NFL future, pitting Green Bay in the tight spot of proving it has an unwavering commitment to him. If not, the 37-year-old is more than comfortable moving onto another team, such as the Denver Broncos or Las Vegas Raiders.

The three-time league MVP holds his motivation to secure a second Super Bowl win, but beyond that, it’s an open book. At the same time, the Packers may view it as a one-year window with Rodgers with Jordan Love taking over next season.

Time will tell, but it’s clear Rodgers’ day of reckoning is nearing closer.

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