Aaron Rodgers Has a First-Round Receiver But Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

The Green Bay Packers have put forth a strong 2020 campaign that has pushed them among the best NFC records. Aaron Rodgers is amid another MVP campaign that has brought much optimism ahead in Green Bay. The Packers have now provided Rodgers with a former first-round receiver to utilize, but expectations should be tempered.

Packers’ strong 2020 season

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The Packers have kept the ball rolling in the 2020 season with another strong push toward the playoffs.

Aaron Rodgers has led the charge with an MVP-caliber campaign. Rodgers enters Week 13 action leading the league with 33 passing touchdowns to four interceptions, 3,100 passing yards, and a 117.6 passer rating.

He’s coming off an impressive performance, completing 21-of-29 passes for 211 yards with four touchdown passes in the blowout win over the Chicago Bears. Green Bay has an opportunity ahead to make a deep playoff push toward the Super Bowl, in which the team has provided Rodgers with a potential offensive weapon.

Packers sign Tavon Austin

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Through much of the 2020 season, much has been made of the Packers not providing Aaron Rodgers with more offensive talent through the draft.

The storyline remained through the trade deadline, with the Packers electing not to trade for Houston Texans wide receiver Will Fuller. Green Bay has finally brought aboard a potential offensive weapon with veteran wideout Tavon Austin.

According to Rob Demovsky of ESPN, Aaron Rodgers has voiced optimism about the recent signing.

“I think that had this offense really been going during that time, I think he really would have found a sticking spot for a long time being a guy who can do so many things, you know, giving him fly sweeps and getting him in action stuff, getting him on the edge,” Rodgers said. “So it’s nice having him. He’s happy to be here, happy to be on a winning team, I’m sure, and excited about finding a niche.”

The former eighth overall pick in the 2013 NFL draft has struggled to find a stable offensive role to fit his skill set. Austin spent his first five years with the LA Rams and the last two campaigns with the Dallas Cowboys. He has 2,006 career receiving yards on 215 receptions and 15 touchdowns, along with 1,340 rushing yards and 10 touchdowns.

Austin brings a unique skill set to the team, but his role will likely be supplementary in both the passing and rushing game. If anything, his presence brings another option to the mix for Rodgers and head coach Matt LaFleur to utilize.

Eyeing a Super Bowl push

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Beyond adding another potential offensive weapon to the mix, the Packers have their eyes set on a Super Bowl push.

Green Bay came one win shy of reaching that mark, which has only ramped up the intensity this season. The team is also starting to round into better form with their health as Allen Lazard is back in the fold after a lengthy injury absence. There isn’t any pressure on Austin to quickly find a defined role, but his presence provides another element.

Overall, Green Bay has positioned themselves for the opportunity to secure the NFC’s No.1 seed with about a month left in the regular season. They have a firm grasp on the NFC North and have looked the part as a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

There are other formidable teams in the conference with the New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Seattle Seahawks. Much will unfold in the coming weeks, but Aaron Rodgers and the Packers hold their playoff in their hands.