Aaron Rodgers Just Dashed All Doubts For Packers Fans

Aaron Rodgers’s future with the Green Bay Packers has become a constant talking point this offseason. The Packers have made it that way after moving up in the first round of this year’s draft to take former Utah State quarterback Jordan Love. Rodgers continues to take the professional route with the situation, which he further emphasized that notion with his latest decision.

Aaron Rodgers’ Packers future

The focus around the Packers has stayed on Aaron Rodgers‘ long-term future with the franchise.

That chatter remains the focal point since the 2020 NFL draft with the front office bringing in a quarterback taken in the first round. Rodgers is securely in the saddle as the full-time starter, but Jordan Love’s presence certainly begs questions about his status for the long haul.

The 36-year-old hasn’t aired any sentiment regarding concern about the situation but did point out that his time in Green Bay could end sooner than he hopes. Rodgers holds a strong understanding of the business approach to the matter that has helped him deal with it all. Things can certainly change in the time to come, but Rodgers has no doubts about his role for the 2020 season.

The two-time league MVP made that quite evident with what he recently decided to do.

Aaron Rodgers posts photo of himself with Jordan Love

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In the months that have followed Jordan Love’s arrival to Green Bay, there has been a keen eye on Aaron Rodgers’ relationship with him.

Rodgers has remained more than cordial with the rookie quarterback as he has helped him along his first offseason as an NFL player. He made that notion quite clear after posting a photo on Instagram of himself, Love, and Tim Boyle. That alone shows his comfort with having a first-round quarterback around ahead of the 2020 season.

What also helps the situation is that he’s quite confident in his ability as he remains one of the league’s best talents. His numbers last year may not have been where they have become accustomed, but there’s no doubt that he can still produce at an elite level. The proof will have to be in the pudding, in which the upcoming campaign presents an opportunity to showcase that skill.

Only time will tell


Aaron Rodgers Received Some Serious Disrespect From NFL Scouts Before He Joined the Packers

It’s a situation that is hard to ignore and look beyond as the Packers decided to move up in the first round of this year’s draft to take a quarterback.

Aaron Rodgers continues to take the professional approach to the situation, but the writing is on the wall that his time in Green Bay is coming to a close. He’s likely playing out his final contract that the team that possesses telling details in the backend of the deal.

He may be in the first year of his four-year, $134 million extension but the final two seasons have significantly less dead-cap hits. Rodgers will be a $17.2 million cap hit for the 2022 season and $2.8 million for 2023. That only further suggests the Packers could move off him before his deal is finished.

It’s a decision that is out of his control, which Rodgers has come to terms with the idea of finishing his NFL career in another uniform. If things do head that route, he will have opportunities to find success elsewhere, as Tom Brady has with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Until then, Rodgers will make the most of his remaining time in Green Bay.