Aaron Rodgers Must Face the Reality That the Packers Won’t Bend to His Will

The Green Bay Packers continue to hold firm to the belief that the relationship with Aaron Rodgers is fixable. The star quarterback hasn’t moved from his desire to leave. However, the Packers may have only made the situation more complicated with their latest internal message to Rodgers.

Aaron Rodgers wants to leave the Packers

After spending much of the 2020 season airing his unwavering commitment, Rodgers finally reached a breaking point.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter publicly broke the news hours before the 2021 NFL draft. Since then, the dialogue continues to shift toward a concerning direction.

Several different factors led Rodgers down the path of wanting out of Green Bay after 16 seasons. Over the years, the decision-making from general manager Brian Gutekunst hasn’t exactly enticed the star quarterback.

Rodgers has repeatedly stated that he holds nothing against Jordan Love, but the decision to move up into the first round of last year’s draft to select him didn’t help. The Packers haven’t added more game-changing around him while parting ways with key players due to financial reasons.

Rodgers also wants control over the next chapter of his NFL career. His contract situation gives Green Bay the ability to move on well before it expires after the 2023 season. These various factors have pushed the Future Hall of Famer to unfamiliar territory.

As the offseason progresses along, the Packers have made it crystal clear they won’t make one decision to satisfy Rodgers.

Aaron Rodgers must face the reality that the Packers won’t bend to his will

The drama around Rodgers continues to linger as the star quarterback remains away from the Packers.

Since the 37-year-old disgruntlement became public knowledge, it’s clear he does not see eye-to-eye with the front office. During an appearance on ESPN’s “Get Up” Tuesday, longtime Packers reporter Rob Demovsky stated that team president Mark Murphy informed everyone within the organization that they remain fully committed to Gutekunst.

“If he wants Brian Gutenkust removed as general manager, that’s not happening,” Demovsky said. “Packers president Mark Murphy has told everyone within the organization that we are recommitted and staying with Gutekunst as general manager, so that’s not happening. If that’s a condition of Rodgers returning, then this is not happening.”

Reports surfaced that Rodgers wanted Gutekunst out, but that isn’t something Green Bay will do to appease the three-time league MVP. It further backs him into his firm holdout stance, in which he elected not to participate in voluntary team workouts.

Although the Packers want Rodgers back, it won’t be through the star quarterback having verbal power over the front office. It’s a line that the organization won’t cross even it means the future Hall of Famer is a no-show.

Green Bay doesn’t want to venture down the inevitable path

The Packers may not want to read the writing on the wall, but Rodgers desires a change of scenery.

His interview on ESPN’s SportsCenter Monday night to honor longtime anchor Kenny Mayne’s last show didn’t reveal much, but it further cemented his unhappy sentiment.

Rodgers spoke in largely vague terms, but he underlined the disconnect he believes the front office holds with himself and the players.

“The people. That’s the most important thing: The people make an organization,” Rodgers said via Sporting News. “People make the business. And sometimes that gets forgotten. Culture, the foundation of it, brick by brick, is built by the people. Not by the organization. Not by the building. Not by the corporation. It’s built by the people.”

Unless there is a seismic shift, Rodgers’ time in Green Bay may end much sooner than anyone envisions.

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