Aaron Rodgers Provides Latest Toe Update After Owning the Bears Yet Again and It’s Not Great

Despite concerns over a lingering toe injury, Aaron Rodgers showed zero signs of weakness during the Green Bay Packers‘ dominating Week 14 win over the Chicago Bears. Rodgers passed for an eye-popping 341 yards and four touchdowns, guiding Green Bay to 45 points worth of offense.

On the outside looking in, everything looks perfect in Green Bay. Rodgers is playing like an MVP candidate, and the Packers just secured their tenth win of the season. They’re very much in the mix for the No. 1 seed in the NFC, which would force the postseason to run through the ever-imposing Lambeau Field.

However, according to Rodgers himself, things aren’t exactly all sunshine and rainbows.

Aaron Rodgers feels his toe injury got worse

Despite his impressive performance against the Bears, Rodgers was battling quite a bit of pain throughout the game. When asked about his lingering toe injury, Rodgers stated he feels it got worse during the game.

“It feels worse,” Rodgers said. “I don’t know what kind of setback that I had tonight, but we’ll look at it tomorrow. But definitely took a step back tonight.”

This update comes less than 24 hours after ESPN reported that the Packers expect Rodgers’ toe injury to persist throughout the rest of the season. Surgery has already been ruled out as it would immobilize his foot. Numbing injections are a no-go as well, as they would cause a substantial amount of feeling loss in Rodgers’ foot, preventing him from planting while he throws.

Clearly, the toe injury isn’t affecting Rodgers’ in-game performances too drastically. However, there are still a few weeks left in the season. It could progress to the point where he needs to miss actual game time.

The Packers should be quietly concerned about Aaron Rodgers

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers.
Aaron Rodgers | Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Even at 38 years old with an injured foot, Rodgers is playing like one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. He’s the primary reason the Packers are in contention for the top seed in the NFC, and he’ll get significant MVP consideration at the end of the year.

However, this doesn’t mean the Packers should view him as invincible. If his toe injury is already acting up with four more regular-season games to go — plus playoffs — the Packers should be concerned. Losing him right before the postseason starts would obviously spell disaster for Green Bay’s Super Bowl chances.

What can the Packers do?


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Ultimately speaking, there’s not much the Packers can do to help Rodgers heal from a medicinal point of view. With surgery and numbing agents out of the question, Rodgers is simply going to be playing through pain.

However, it’s worth wondering if the Packers should consider benching Rodgers the final week or two. They have an above-average backup QB on the roster in Jordan Love, and some extra time off his feet (literally) could help Rodgers enter the postseason closer to 100%.

Obviously, the Packers are in top pursuit of the No. 1 seed at the moment. However, Green Bay may need to have an honest conversation regarding what they value more, the top seed, or Rodgers’ overall well-being.

All stats courtesy of Pro Football Reference.