Aaron Rodgers Just Made a Firm Promise to Jordan Love

Since the Green Bay Packers made the decision to draft Jordan Love, the focus has remained on Aaron Rodgers’ future with the franchise. Rodgers continues to take the professional route with the situation that has put a time frame on his remaining tenure in Green Bay. With that in mind, the star quarterback has calmed the organization’s nerves with what he just said about Love that involves his past experience with Brett Favre.

Aaron Rodgers’ future with Green Bay on shaky ground

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Throughout the last decade, Aaron Rodgers has firmly planted himself as the Packers’ franchise quarterback.

Rodgers has guided the team to plenty of success that includes a Super Bowl win. Throughout that time, he has established himself as not only one of the league’s best quarterbacks but also one of the greatest players in NFL history. Rodgers has brought tremendous stability to Green Bay that has made them a playoff constant.

Things have shifted toward his long-term future with the franchise after the team moved up into the first round in this year’s draft to take Jordan Love. It has directed tough questions toward Rodgers that he has remained entirely professional with his responses. He has once again gone that route after his latest remarks regarding his relationship with Love.

Aaron Rodgers plans to avoid any conflict with Jordan Love

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In many ways, Aaron Rodgers finds himself in a similar position to what his former predecessor Brett Favre was in with him many years ago.

However, that relationship drew much negative scrutiny as Favre didn’t exactly embrace Rodgers. It’s something that the two-time league MVP recently voiced to David Gardner of Bleacher Report that he wants to avoid entirely with the handling of his relationship with Jordan Love.

“Part of your legacy,” he said, “is how you treat your teammates. I want Jordan to have as great of memories as possible of me being in the QB room and having some great laughs and competing. I want kinship, not animosity. That’s what I’ve always tried to do with all my backups.”

Rodgers knows first hand how rough that can be if the starting quarterback essentially brushes off the young backup. He’s in nearly the same situation that Brett Favre was minus the lingering talk of retirement. In other words, Rodgers realizes how vital that relationship is to help shape a young NFL quarterback’s future.

There may not be any guidelines for him to take the Utah State product under his wing, but he is taking the situation in stride. He holds a complete understanding of what Love is going through and wants to make the process easier.

Packers will let things play out

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The writing may be on the wall for Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay, but he refuses to let that alter his day-to-day approach.

That includes working in unison with the other quarterbacks on the roster even if one is lined up to replace him eventually. In the back of his mind, it’s almost cemented that he will finish his career with another franchise, but he’s focused on the task at hand. The fact of the matter is that he’s still the Packers’ starting quarterback and is under contract for the next four seasons.

It’s solely on him to make the most of the situation. Only his performance on the field will prove that deserves to remain the starter in Green Bay. Any bickering or tension with Jordan Love won’t aid that process in any way. Rodgers is taking the professional approach that will benefit both him and, more importantly, Love’s development as an NFL quarterback.