Aaron Rodgers May Not Have to Wait Long for a Resolution With His Packers Future

Over the last several months, Aaron Rodgers has held uncertainty regarding his future with the Green Bay Packers. The franchise hasn’t moved toward providing him the long-term commitment he strongly desires. Instead, it has opened the door to other NFL teams preparing for what appears destined to unfold.

Aaron Rodgers holds an uncertain future with the Packers

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Since the Packers elected to take Jordan Love in the first round in last year’s draft, doubt has remained around Aaron Rodgers’ future.

The front office has done little to absolve that sentiment around the franchise. Meanwhile, Rodgers continues to express uncertainty about the situation.

The 37-year-old also attempted to spark extension talks in January, but that chatter didn’t materialize. All of that only brought greater attention to the upcoming diminishing financial commitment to the three-time NFL MVP. His contract runs through the 2023 campaign while the dead cap hit drop to $17.2 million in 2022 and $2.8 million in 2023.

The situation has become a jumping-off point for potentially interested teams to prepare for what may lie ahead.

Aaron Rodgers may not have to wait long for a resolution with his Packers future

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Over the last several weeks, the chatter around Aaron Rodgers’ future with the Packers has drastically cooled down.

There may not be prominent discussions concerning the matter, but it remains unresolved. According to CBS Sports‘ Jason La Canfora, those parameters alone have already guided several teams down the path of planning for a possible move as soon as next year.

“If you think teams aren’t already thinking about what it would cost to land Aaron Rodgers by early 2022, you would be fooling yourself,” La Canfora detailed. “For starters, I could see Denver, New Orleans, Seattle (if it trades Russell Wilson), the Giants, New England (pending what it does in this draft), Miami, Washington, Chicago and Minnesota interested.”

La Canfora noted that trades to NFC North rivals would be unlikely, but it further underlines that several teams are already eyeballing the situation.

Rodgers still maintains an unrelenting desire to stay with the Packers for the rest of his NFL career. However, that route remains unclear due to the franchise’s lack of commitment beyond his current deal.

Until Green Bay makes any contractual move with their star quarterback, other teams will continue to lurk in the background.

Packers hold control over his long-term fate

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Aaron Rodgers hasn’t wavered from wanting to play his entire NFL career in Green Bay.

Where the conflict lies is in the franchise electing to stay pat with the current contractual standing. Green Bay had the golden opportunity to create more salary-cap space this offseason by converting his roster bonus to a signing bonus.

Instead, the team bypassed that option, likely because it increases his dead cap hit over the remaining three years of his deal. Rodgers can continue to express his desire to stay with the Packers, but it will come down to the organization sharing a mutual sentiment.

At this point, there isn’t any indication that their feelings have changed from wanting to keep their options open. Green Bay has every opportunity to resolve the matter at any moment’s notice, but their lack of movement suggests lingering doubt as Rodgers moves through his late 30s.

As always, it will come down to his play on the field being the determining factor whether he gets a chance to achieve his career aspirations.