Aaron Rodgers Revealed the Truth About His Relationship With Brett Favre

Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre have a fascinating relationship. When the Packers drafted Rodgers near the end of Favre’s career, it was clear that they were looking toward the future.

At the time, however, Favre was still a very good quarterback in the NFL and didn’t necessarily plan on handing over the reins to the franchise very easily. Eventually, his hand was forced, and after a brief flirtation with retirement, Favre was forced elsewhere to finish his career.

To this day, it is hard to know what to make of the relationship between the two, but Rodgers recently opened up about his views on the matter. 

The Brett Favre/Aaron Rodgers conundrum

It is easy to see why Rodgers and Favre might have had an awkward relationship when we look at what was going on with both of the players.

Favre was one of the biggest names in the NFL, and while he was getting older, he had remarkable longevity and had propelled the Packers to relevance for nearly two decades. To have a young kid come in and stake his claim on the franchise without Favre’s say likely left a bad taste in his mouth. 

On the other side of things, Rodgers went from a Cinderella story who rose from playing at community college to being one of the most sought after names in the draft, and when he got drafted he knew that he would not get a chance to come into the game right away. Favre, as good as he was, was still the face of the Green Bay Packers and Rodgers had big shoes to fill as a result. 

Clashing egos?

Both Favre and Rodgers have a history of being slightly difficult and egotistical, which could make for a toxic environment between the two. Adding fuel to the fire, Favre would later play for the rival Minnesota Vikings after a brief year with the New York Jets, meaning that Favre was a rival as Rodgers was becoming a young superstar. 

Despite all of this, the actual story has largely existed based on hearsay and second-hand knowledge of the situation. Rodgers, however, recently opened up about their relationship many years after all of this. 

Aaron Rodgers on Brett Favre 

Favre had a complicated relationship after leaving the Packers, but time does heal all wounds, and he appears to have a working relationship with the team where he made his name in the NFL.

While some might expect bad blood between him and the new face of the Packers, this does not appear to be the case. On an appearance on the Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers opened up about the two’s relationship. In the interview, he confirmed some of what many people expected, as well. 

“I love Brett, I always had a great appreciation for him but we were caught in the middle of a power struggle that unfortunately broke apart Brett and the Packers and Brett and myself,” Rodgers said (per Fox News).

Both players have a special place in the heart of Packers fans, and in a world that is constantly trying to pit athletes against each other, it would appear as though the two Packers legends are fine.

One of the unstated problems in sports is the fact that teammates are often forced to work together, even when one of them is gunning toward another’s job security. Athletes are human, and Rodgers and Favre prove this. 

Rodgers is now the veteran Favre was when the two were playing, and well into his thirties, he might now have a greater understanding of what Favre was going through years ago. While there might have been bad blood at one time, it is refreshing to see that the two could work things out.