Aaron Rodgers Saga May Take Another Winding Turn For the Packers

The Green Bay Packers have struggled to navigate through the dilemma concerning Aaron Rodgers. The star quarterback remains firm in his desire to play elsewhere, while the Packers want to keep him. With that in mind, another troubling possibility has emerged.

Aaron Rodgers saga continues to linger in Green Bay

The Packers have stumbled through the last few weeks as Rodgers moved toward the firm position of wanting to play elsewhere.

The front office has attempted to damage control the situation, but it hasn’t improved the standing with the star quarterback. Instead, it has only further heightened the tension and underlined the fractured relationship.

His recent interview with Kenny Mayne on ESPN’s SportsCenter painted a clear picture that he doesn’t see eye-to-eye with the front office. He hasn’t budged from his sentiment and has only dug in further into wanting significant change.

That said, another concerning detail has emerged that may cause a bigger headache for the Packers.

Aaron Rodgers saga may take another winding turn for the Packers

As the Packers move closer to mandatory minicamp, Rodgers remains away from the team.

The star quarterback elected not to participate in voluntary team workouts, further striking a wedge between him and the front office. It has also lent to the notion that Rodgers may extend his absence much longer as CBS Sports‘ Jason La Canfora recently reported that he anticipates the holdout possibly bleeding into September.

“There is no reason for Rodgers not to take this grudge match deep into the summer, as we have been telling you for quite some time. I continue to hear that is very likely to be the case,” La Canfora wrote. “Some close to him remain adamant that he is stuck in and won’t play for the Packers ever again. I’ll continue to caution that until we get to August, even Rodgers won’t know exactly how he will feel and if he may be conflicted (financially and otherwise) about staying home and incurring big fines.

“I suspect he doesn’t take his foot off the proverbial neck of Mark Murphy and Co. without exerting maximum force. And a big part of me expects Rodgers to bleed this into September to try to get out of town.”

The Packers have yet to move closer to a resolution with Rodgers. Instead, the franchise holds an uneasy standing with the future Hall of Famer. The front office is well aware of his strong sentiment, which has created a challenging bridge to mend despite the team’s public confidence that the relationship is amendable.

Nonetheless, it may be a while, if at all, for the Packers to see Rodgers back with the team before the 2021 season.

Jordan Love continues to benefit from the situation


Alex Smith’s 1-Word Response Perfectly Sums Up Aaron Rodgers’ Situation With the Packers

The Packers may strongly desire to have Rodgers back, but the team can only control what lies ahead.

The 37-year-old’s absence has opened the door for second-year quarterback Jordan Love to receive snaps in training camp. It’s open the opportunity for him to get first-team action on the practice field, which he rarely, if at all, garnered last year with Rodgers present.

Love will gather much-needed experience as he heads into his second campaign, where he could play if the three-time league MVP continues his hold out or is traded. The Utah State product benefited from learning the playbook all last year, but it’s vastly different parameters with him potentially in line for significant playing time in 2021.

Regardless if Rodgers returns, Love is gathering extremely valuable time under center.

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