Aaron Rodgers Showing the Packers Yet Again That He Wants to Play Elsewhere

Since last offseason, the Green Bay Packers put star quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ future on shaky ground. Unsurprisingly, Rodgers finally hit his breaking point, privately airing that he wants to leave. Another revealing detail has emerged that further underlines the future Hall of Famer’s desire to play elsewhere.

Aaron Rodgers wants out of Green Bay

The Aaron Rodgers saga recently took another drastic turn with him voicing he wants out of Green Bay.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter broke the news hours before the 2021 NFL Draft, but it’s a strong sentiment that came about over the previous few months. Rodgers wants to continue his career elsewhere, but the Packers haven’t moved to that point.

The front office continues to publicly air that he’s the team’s future under center. Green Bay has also quickly turned down any trade talk or any notion that he may be available.

Beyond that, another report surfaced indicating the Packers offered to make Rodgers the highest-paid quarterback, but that was turned aside. The star quarterback is now demonstrating another clear sign that he wants to depart.

Aaron Rodgers showing the Packers yet again that he wants to play elsewhere

As time passes by, more concerning details continue to emerge around Rodgers’ situation.

The star quarterback is disgruntled, hoping to reach a resolution before the 2021 season. During a recent segment on NFL Network‘s NFL Now, Ian Rapoport dropped the tidbit that Rodgers has spoken to other players about joining him with another team.

“We know that Rodgers has talked to several different players about joining him somewhere else,” Rapoport said. “However, of course as we know, the Packers have zero plans whatsoever to trade him.”

Rapoport also indicated that nothing has been ruled out ranging from an extension to eventually moving on. Beyond that, it’s another sign that the 37-year-old doesn’t see a long-term future in Green Bay. His mindset is solely on what he wants to unfold next in his NFL career.

The remaining hurdle in that pathway is the Packers’ willingness to move him. The front office hasn’t reached the point of even considering trade offers and holds the firm belief that the relationship between both sides is amendable.

Once Green Bay heads down that path, Rodgers will be well prepared to make the most out of the next opportunity.

Green Bay will have to face reality


The Packers May Hold a Blatantly Obvious Reason Why Aaron Rodgers Isn’t Gone Yet

The writing has been on the wall for months for the Packers regarding their star quarterback.

Green Bay has had many opportunities to resolve it but instead continued to leave Rodgers hanging in uncertainty. The three-time league MVP finally hit a breaking point where he no longer sees his tenure as a long-term spot.

Rodgers likely sees leaving as the only means of garnering command of the next chapter of his illustrious career. He saw first-hand how Tom Brady went that difficult path and holds complete control of his NFL future with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The 37-year-old wants that, and it’s something that the Packers may never present him. Instead, it’s forced him to take this drastic internal stance to push him toward that end goal.

The question remains whether the Packers will face the reality that their star quarterback wants to leave. His gripe isn’t over his contract but rather the front office’s approach to many other team issues.

It’s only a matter of time before Rodgers gets what he ultimately wants.