Aaron Rodgers’ Subtle Physical Acknowledgement of Mike Tomlin Gone Viral Creates Panic for Packers Fans

Since Aaron Rodgers returned to the Green Bay Packers, the speculation around his future remains. Rodgers has brushed aside much of the discussion with his focus solely on leading Green Bay. However, a brief moment between the star quarterback and Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin created panic for Packers fans.

Aaron Rodgers adds another NFL record in Packers win over the Steelers

The Packers have put their sluggish Week 1 performance in the rearview mirror after piling on a third straight win.

Rodgers led the charge against the Steelers’ stout defense by completing 20-of-36 passes for 248 yards with two touchdown passes along with one rushing touchdown. The Packers controlled the game’s pace behind their offensive balance with 131 rushing yards and converted 9-of-15 third downs.

The outing pushed Rodgers to 897 passing yards with eight touchdowns to two interceptions and a 100.8 passer rating through the first four games. The Week 4 performance made him the first player in Packers history to record 500 career total touchdown passes. Rodgers also tied Dan Marino for sixth all-time at 420 regular-season touchdown passes.

“It’ means that I have been playing a long time,” Rodgers said of his latest career feat. “I do remember watching Dan Marino growing up. I was a Niner fan so I watching Joe [Montana] and Steve [Young}, but I remember at the Metro Dome that Farvy threw 421 and just how special that was on that day. I was like, ‘That’s so many damn touchdowns.’ To be in that category now means I have been playing a long time, but I am very honored to share a line with Dan Marino.

Beyond the third straight victory, another part of the game caught fans’ attention, creating speculation about the 37-year-old departing Green Bay for Pittsburgh.

Aaron Rodgers’ subtle physical acknowledgement of Mike Tomlin gone viral creates panic for Packers fans

In the days leading up to the Packers’ Week 4 matchup against the Steelers, the conversation stirred up again concerning Rodgers’ future.

During his weekly interview on the Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers spoke highly of Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin, leading to speculation he may be interested in joining the franchise next offseason.

The dialogue retook center stage after the two had a playful exchange during Sunday’s game. Rodgers attempted to run a play in the second quarter to create a penalty for the Steelers, but Tomlin called a timeout in time.

The TV cameras caught the two smiling back at each other, creating a frenzy on social media. Rodger further fueled the chatter unintentionally after the game as he once again praised Tomlin.

“It’s a lot of respect,” Rodgers said via Steelers Depot. ” I haven’t spent time with him, but I’ve watched from afar for a long time. A of respect for him. I just enjoy the way that he talks about his players. I’ve had some friends play over there and the stories are very consistent with the kind of day-to-day coach that he is. I like his demeanor. He fits that Iron City perfectly. A lof of respect.”

The three-time league MVP may just simply hold tremendous respect toward Tomlin and his approach to coaching. It’s a bit of a leap to connect that to him wanting to join Pittsburgh, but the franchise will be an option if he considers leaving next offseason.

Could the Steelers become a landing spot?

Although it’s quick to jump the gun that Rodgers holds interest in playing for the Steelers, it adds to the speculation.

The Packers’ success this season has brushed aside much of the chatter. However, the closer the campaign moves toward next offseason, things will spark up again. The Steelers could become a viable landing spot, especially if Ben Roethlisberger steps into retirement.

Roethlisberger has struggled through the first month, while the Steelers sit at a 1-3 record. If that trend continues, the 39-year-old may move into retirement. At this point, it’s a scenario to watch that could add another layer to the imminent situation ahead.

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