Aaron Rodgers to Davante Adams Is 1 of the NFL’s Most Deadly Weapons

This has been the year of offense for many of the NFL’s teams. Whether it’s due to the season’s strangeness, NFL teams are playing faster and more audaciously than they have in years. The dynamic between a quarterback and his receivers is now more valuable than it’s ever been. In no place is this more clear than Green Bay, where Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams remain the best duo in the NFL.

The year of offense

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Before the season, reports CBS Sports, there were several quarterback and wide receiver tandems to look forward to watching. Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper were supposed to shine, but Prescott’s mid-season injury left those hopes in the dust, despite some success in their four games together. Deshaun Watson and DeAndre Hopkins continue to impress, as do Russell Wilson and Tyler Lockett. 

Lamar Jackson and Mark Andrews have shown that a running quarterback can also have this dynamic, while Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill show why they could win it all last year. However, despite the success that these duos had, there’s one pair that performs much better. While Adams missed a handful of games, his impact on the team cannot be understated. 

Just how good are Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams?

Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams
Davante Adams and Aaron Rodgers of the Packers celebrate a touchdown | Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Adams may have only played in five games due to injury, but he still is, far and away, the team’s best receiver. His 502 receiving yards lead the second-place Robert Tonyan by over 200 yards despite his time off. With Rogers completing nearly 66% of passes on top of this, it’s safe to say that when he targets his ace, it’s going to end well for every interested party. 

While there are many factors at play behind this success, much of it has to do with their time together. Much like Tom Brady with Julian Edelman in New England, Rodgers has the added benefit of experience with his favorite option. Adams has been with the team since 2014, and Rodgers has thrown most of those games since he got there.

This, combined with the talent they have, might be the key. The coaches spoke about this dynamic earlier in the year. 

The coaches chime in

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The Packers’ coaches know how lucky they are to have a dynamic such as this, and they chimed in earlier in the season to speak about how much easier their jobs are thanks to their star tandem. Offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett enjoys it not only as a coach but as a fan of the game, too. According to the Madison State Journal, he said:

“The connection with Aaron and Davante, it’s very unique. It’s just fun to watch them in the meetings, how they interact, how they talk. You’re out on the field and you watch them, and Aaron just gives him a little wink and all of a sudden they know exactly what route they’re going to run, how they’re going to run it based off the leverage, and Aaron hits him… When those two guys get on, it’s a really cool thing to watch.”

Head coach Matt LaFleur thinks that all their success can be chopped up to their time together. “It just allows you to make some in-game adjustments that maybe there’s something that they see out there that you’re not seeing as a coach,” LaFleur said. “They’ve got a lot of history … sometimes they’ll dig from the archives and come up with some pretty good stuff. It’s certainly a great luxury.”

Whatever the case may be, the Packers have the best tandem in the NFL thanks to Rodgers and Adams. Despite some issues with their roster makeup and management, a wide-open race for the top this year means that it could be the secret behind their success come postseason, too.