Aaron Rodgers Underlined Again His Biggest Issue With the Packers

Since the Green Bay Packers’ playoff exit, the conversation around the franchise prominently concerns Aaron Rodgers’ future. The Packers haven’t move an inch closer toward resolving the situation this offseason. The discussion has now taken another turn after Rodgers’ latest remarks.

Aaron Rodgers’ future with Packers remains uncertain

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Since the Packers took Jordan Love in the first round of last year’s draft, there has remained doubt around Aaron Rodgers’ future.

Rodgers hasn’t exactly silenced the conversation around his contract situation. Instead, he has underlined the lack of controls he holds regarding any extension talks.

The Packers have had opportunities to further secure his future, at least through his current deal. The front office could have created more salary-cap space this offseason by converting his $6.8 million roster bonus to a signing bonus.

However, the team chose not to go that route, likely due to the increased financial commitment the move would have created. It has only added more uncertainty to the situation ahead of the 2021 season.

In light of that, Rodgers has once again sparked more dialogue around the matter.

Aaron Rodgers underlined again his biggest issue with the Packers

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Over the last several months, Aaron Rodgers hasn’t shied away from the conversation concerning his long-term future in Green Bay.

Rodgers has continued to fuel the chatter that his time with the franchise could end much sooner than expected. During an interview on Friday during ESPN’s “SportsCenter,” he voiced to Kenny Mayne that he still feels like the situation is out of his control.

“I said last year I didn’t know if that was actually possible to be able to finish there,” Rodgers said. “I still feel that’s kind of where we’re at. I don’t know that a lot of that is in my hands. I guess we’ll just kind of see as we go.”

Following those comments, Mayne immediately voiced to Rodgers that the star quarterback’s remarks will be misconstrued. He also proclaimed that the 37-year-old should state he is the future in Green Bay, but the three-time league MVP quickly shot down that notion.

”Ken, you and I both know that’s not how it works,” Rodgers said

It’s crystal clear that Rodgers wants to play his entire career with Green Bay, but he understands that he doesn’t have any control. The last several months have seen more vulnerability from him regarding the situation than at any point in his career.

It all leads the discussion toward the Packers holding the final say in how much longer Rodgers will play for the franchise.

Green Bay holds the final say

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The conversation around Aaron Rodgers’ future with the Packers has become tiresome, but it’s one that the team hasn’t addressed.

Nothing has changed from Rodgers’ standpoint in wanting to play his entire career with the franchise. The two sides possess a starting point if they want to explore extension talks to keep the star quarterback in Green Bay.

Instead, the Packers continue to sidestep the conversation regarding Rodgers’ contract situation. The team has every opportunity to provide the 37-year-old with the security to remain with the team through the rest of his deal that runs through the 2023 season.

As long as Rodgers’ contract remains unaltered, the discussion around his future in Green Bay will remain prominent. It’s also clear that he won’t shy away from putting more public pressure on the front office with his continued airing of doubt over the matter.

The cards are in the Packers’ hands; it’s up to them to either give Rodgers what he wants or move on from him sooner than he would like.