Aaron Rodgers Won’t Be Too Happy About the Sacrifice the Green Bay Packers Want From Him

Since the Green Bay Packers‘ disappointing playoff exit, there remains lingering uncertainty around the franchise. Much of which centers on Aaron Rodgers’ future in Green Bay. The Packers are now likely heading toward a route that Rodgers may not be too happy to go.

Packers’ tough salary cap situation

As the Green Bay Packers move into the offseason, the focus quickly shifts over to their financial situation ahead.

The Packers have pressing matters to take care of in the coming weeks as they adjust the team salary cap. Last week, the league announced that the cap wouldn’t be lower than $175 million but could be around $180 million.

Meanwhile, the Packers find themselves in a bit of a jam with their financial situation.

Green Bay freed up $8.3 million last week after converting Pro Bowl left tackle David Bakhtiari’s $11.072 million roster bonus into a signing bonus. That alone will allow them to prorate the number over four years for their team salary cap.

The Packers remain in a spot that will see them go a route that may not make star quarterback Aaron Rodgers too happy.

Aaron Rodgers won’t be too happy about the sacrifice the Green Bay Packers want from him

The last several months haven’t exactly been smooth for the Green Bay Packers regarding their standing with Aaron Rodgers.

Since the franchise elected to take Jordan Love in the first round of last year’s draft, it has created doubt concerning Rodgers’ future. The 2020 season MVP touched upon that notion after the NFC championship game loss, expressing uncertainty around his tenure in Green Bay moving forward.

Given the Packers’ challenging salary cap situation this offseason, Rob Demovsky of ESPN is reporting that the team will likely work to restructure the 37-year-old’s contract. Rodgers is currently slated to have $21.5 million in base salary, with $6.8 million in roster bonus due in March.

If Green Bay does go this route, the franchise will likely have to provide their star quarterback greater long-term stability. Rodgers has made it quite clear that he desires to remain with the Packers for the rest of his career. The move to offer security over the remainder of his contract could help move the ball toward that end goal.

Despite the team possessing different front office personnel with general manager Brian Gutekunst, the team has operated in the same manner. Green Bay holds a long history of being financially stubborn at times, leading to many of their cornerstone players eventually becoming salary cap-space causalities.

Rodgers may already have that thought lingering in his mind as he nears closer to the end of his contract. If the Packers want to proceed through this matter cleanly, there must be a distinct understanding that it will stabilize his future.

Other offseason plans ahead


The Packers Already Shut Down an NFL Team’s Attempt to Trade for Aaron Rodgers

The Green Bay Packers may be coming off a second straight NFC championship game appearance, but the franchise has critical questions ahead.

Green Bay has several prominent players either heading into free agency or holding substantial upcoming salary bonuses. There are notable roster bonuses ahead next month for outside linebacker Za’Darius Smith ($5 million), kicker Mason Crosby ($1.25 million), and safety Adrian Amos ($1.5 million).

The team also has several players needing new contracts, such as running back Aaron Jones, tight end Robert Tunyan Jr., wide receiver Allen Lazard, and center Corey Linsley. The Packers have already parted ways with linebacker Christian Kirksey and right tackle Ricky Wagner to save around $10.25 million in salary-cap space.

All that suggests plenty of moves ahead in Green Bay well beyond reworking Aron Rodgers’ contract.