Aaron Rodgers Would Have More Rings Than Tom Brady If He Played for Bill Belichick, According to 1 Former NFL Player

Two NFL quarterbacks who have had a lot of success during their careers are Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. Both quarterbacks have put up impressive numbers throughout their careers, and they have won at the highest level.

One former NFL player believes that if Rodgers played under Bill Belichick, he would have won more Super Bowl titles than Brady. An interesting take right there, but let’s take a look at both of their careers.

Aaron Rodgers has made a name for himself throughout his career in Green Bay

In 2005, Aaron Rodgers began his NFL career when the Green Bay Packers drafted him in the first round of the 2005 NFL draft. During his first few seasons in Green Bay, Rodgers was a backup to Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Farve. During the 2007 season, Rodgers got a chance to shine. Farve went down with an injury during a regular-season game against the Dallas Cowboys. Rodgers stepped up and delivered in a big way.

He completed 18 passes for 201 yards and also threw his first touchdown. Rodgers helped the Packers come back from trailing by 17 points, cutting the deficit to three. But the Packers ended up losing to the Cowboys 37-27. Rodgers made a name for himself that game. In 2008, Rodgers became the starting quarterback when Farve announced his retirement. That’s when the Rodgers-era started. During the 2010 season, Rodgers was named the FedEx Air NFL Player of the Year. He finished the regular season throwing for 3,922 yards and 28 touchdowns. Rodgers also led the Packers to the Super Bowl against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Packers defeated the Steelers in the Super Bowl, and Rodgers had a big performance. Rodgers threw for 304 yards and three touchdowns and was named the Super Bowl MVP.

After winning the Super Bowl, Rodgers continued to have success the next season. He was named the NFL MVP of the 2011 season after throwing for 4,643 passing yards, 45 touchdown passes, and six interceptions. Rodgers set multiple records during the 2011 season, and the 2011 season was one to remember for Rodgers. Since the 2011 season, Rodgers was named the NFL MVP in 2014, and he has become one of the top players in the league. The 36-year-old has set multiple records throughout his NFL career, and he’s put together an impressive resume. 

Tom Brady is a proven winner

Brady is regarded as one of the best players ever to play in the NFL. One thing he knows how to do is win. During his time with the New England Patriots, Brady established himself as one of the best quarterbacks of all-time. During the first 20 seasons of his career, he starred for the Patriots. In that time, he played in nine Super Bowls and won six of them. He also has won a record four Super Bowl MVP awards. 

Not to mention he has three NFL MVP awards as well. Looking at Brady’s career, there’s no question that he has put up Hall of Fame numbers. His resume is very lengthy with many records and accomplishments, and when he retires, it won’t be long until he’s inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Now with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Brady will look to bring success to Tampa Bay and lead them to a Super Bowl at the age of 43.

One former NFL player believes Rodgers would have more rings if he played in New England


Aaron Rodgers Is Fed up With Seeing His Name in Headlines

Ryan Clark, a former Super Bowl champion, appeared on Get Up and delivered a bold claim regarding Aaron Rodgers. When asked how many rings Rodgers would have won if he played in New England, Clark’s response was this: “If Aaron Rodgers plays anywhere any other quarterback has ever played, Aaron Rodgers wins more games, plays better, wins more Super Bowls then whatever quarterback that is.”

Now, based on that answer, Clark is saying that Rodgers would have more rings than Brady if he played in New England, and Rodgers would win more titles if he played on any other team as well. That’s how confident Clark is when it comes to Rodgers and his career. Though Rodgers has one Super Bowl title, he still has put up impressive numbers throughout his career, and no one knows how many titles Rodgers would have if he played for the Patriots or any other team. But Clark firmly believes he would have more titles if he did play in New England or another team.